Kaiven’s Space Nursery

  • Constellation Wallpaper in this Space Nursery
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  • Space Nursery
  • Black and White Space Nursery with Navy Accents
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  • Half Moon Wallpaper in this Space Nursery
  • this is a pic of my husband tracing the lines projected onto the wall!

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In searching for inspiration for Kaiven's room, I found that most boy nurseries felt like an extension of the mom - Just another room for her - I wanted this space nursery to be for him and not for me. I also wanted the space to be able to grow with him.


Design Inspiration

I took inspiration for the black and white wall from images of Ferm Living Half Moon wallpaper that i've seen and of course, Pinterest gave me tons of inspiration. I am drawn to the black and white nurseries, but wanted to make it "my own" by adding the navy accents.

Project Details

All of the furniture, the rug, and the light fixture are from IKEA. You can't beat the prices at IKEA, man.

We used a friend's projector to project images of constellations on the wall that we then traced using a ruler and paint pens. The larger stars were made using a stamp. (Fun fact: the stamp we used was actually a compass and my husband used an exact-o knife to cut off the N, S, E, and W, letters as well) smaller stars are just dots that my 4 yr old helped draw.

All paintings on the wall are original art that I painted with acrylic paint for Kaiven.

The light fixture is from IKEA, and my husband bought some copper piping to give it an atomic look.

Favorite Items

I'm obsessed with the rocket ship painting. The clouds behind the rocket were painted with acrylic paint that I watered down really thin to give it a more watercolor look.
I also love the 3 UFOs that I snuck in the half moons....can you find them? (hint: it's not hard)


i'd probably suggest that you just buy the Ferm Living wallpaper, because painting the half moon wall took 2.5 days of painting and endless cycle of Fergie singing "my hump my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump" in my head!  I wouldn't wish that on anyone!


  1. 1

    Any chance you know the type of projector your friend used? Love this look! You did a great job.

  2. 2

    its one that he hooks up to play movies in his backyard on a big screen.
    i don’t know what brand or anything, but we were able to connect it to my laptop and googled images of constellations to put up on the wall.

    were you wanting the specific brand? if so, i will ask him and get back to you!

  3. 4

    Hi, this is beautiful, can I share this on Instagram? My company makes modern baby wraps and I have a market that loves everything newborn, including beautiful nurseries. I can of course include a link to your page!


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  9. 12

    Hi Krista. This is beautiful! What is the color/brand of the blue wall paint? It’s wonderful!

  10. 13

    Hi Krista,
    can you please tell me where you got your light from? I love it, its so unique but simple.

  11. 14
  12. 15

    Hey Elle – it’s from IKEA, but the copper bit is an addition that my husband added. We got copper piping from Lowes (i want to say it was about 20$ for the roll?) and he just sort of…haphazardly made it work. :)

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    Looks great! I have an off-white, black chevron shag carpet that I’m struggling to find curtain fabric for. I love the curtains you have, do you remember where they are from?

  15. 20

    Hello, I was searching a light for my kid room and your’s is absolutely amazing! I’m thinking of doing something similar, do you know the diameter of copper piping? And can you tell me where did you hide the end of pipe? ;) Thank you!!

  16. 21

    @monica – they are from urban outfitters. we have recently moved and the window in his new room is too tall for these curtains. i’d be happy to pass them along to you for 50$ for the set (orig. $39ea.)

  17. 22

    @justina – the pipe we used is about 1/2″ wide. we got it from the plumbing dept. of Lowe’s. My husband got some little copper clamps and then just clamped the two together at the top where you can’t really see it. We moved recently and get to redo this whole look all over again (yikes) but IKEA no longer sells these pendants. Big ole’ giant “boo” there. but they do have something similar that we are going to attempt to recreate this look. hopefully it turns out as cool!

  18. 24

    @funkrista – we are ready to embark on this wall for my new babe’s room! Did you have a fave image you used with the projector? I am so afraid of doing it wrong…which is silly, I know. lol

  19. 25

    @kaci girl! i feel your pain! when we first did this project i sat staring at the wall, hugging my knees and rocking back and forth whining about how hard life is! Since we did this nursery, we have also moved so….i got to do the whole thing all over again. (boo) do you think i tackled this project fearlessly the second time around bc i’m a professional constellation painter now? NO. again. i sat in the floor hugging my knees rocking back and forth!

    but. this is the image i used both times: http://artlovelight.com/wp-content/uploads/star-map-equatorial.jpg

    i want to see pics when you are done!!!!!

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  22. 28

    What brand/size paint pen did you use for the constellations and about how big were the stars made from the stamp? Thanks!

  23. 30
  24. 31

    I am doing the same thing to my babys room. When you projected your images onto the wall did you use a constellation map to make the stars in their accurate spots? Or did you just project constellations at random?

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