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Shared Feminine, Vintage-Modern Toddler Room


A feminine, vintage-modern bedroom shared by two girls, ages three and two. There are lots of thrifted and a few hand-made items.  My style inspirations include scandi-modern, vintage and granny chic looks.  It doubles as a play space with a kitchen and dress-up station. You can read more on my blog...

Design Inspiration

Vintage floral pillow cases found at a thrift store!  They were so beautiful that I just wanted to make something from them!  I made each girl a quilt and bunting from the fabric.  This set my palette for a white, pink, teal and yellow.  I did not know how to sew or quilt before this, so there are many imperfections in my work, but it was really fun!  I literally learned on You Tube!

Decorating Style

Vintage-modern.  Girly.  A little bit granny-chic.

Project Details

Gulliver Crib: IKEA

Minnen Toddler Bed: IKEA

Dresser: Thrifted

Night Table: Thrifted

Lamp: Target

Moon Night Light: Thrifted

Fan: Target

Pear Print: Etsy

Bike Print: Etsy

Mirror: IKEA

House Shelf: Etsy (I added the “wallpaper.”  It’s scrapbook paper and Elmer’s glue!)

Ribba Book Ledges: IKEA

Kitchen: Consignment sale

White Mirrors: Target

Cradle: Thrifted

Bedding: Quilts made of thrifted vintage pillow cases, thrifted afghan, heirloom butterfly quilt

Bunting: Sewn from thrifted vintage pillow case scraps

Closet Curtain: Thrifted sheet sewn into a curtain

Window Curtain: Target

Cloud Pillow: Etsy

Owl Pillow: Thrifted (originally Target) 

Vintage Clock: Etsy

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the mid century dresser I purchased at a thrift store for $27 after selling my old changing table for $30!  I also have a special love for the vintage floral sheets, my original inspiration.


This look is SO easy to achieve!  It's white, some natural wood and bright, feminine colors.  There are lots of clean lines.  The pink, yellow and teal in my sheets set the tone.  You can buy the crib and bed from Ikea...they have great modern basics.  My thrift store always has mid-century furniture, and if you are willing to look a few times a week, you can pick up wooden pieces with those mid century legs!  (I gingerly peeled a giant sticker off the front of that dresser...)  My thrift store also always has vintage floral pillow cases for a few dollars each.  For nursery and bedroom artwork, Etsy is the best place!  Target also has lots of great modern pieces, like lamps.  Their selection is actually much bigger if you go online!  Time and lots of looking!  If you aren't sure what you want, start a pin board and pin whatever speaks to you! Then start looking for the similarities in what you have pinned! I

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