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Jungle Room for Two


More of an animal room, my three year old calls it his jungle room- it was his Birthday gift when he had to start sharing with his baby sister. We opted to put them in the same room rather than give up our guest bedroom. A bit more "cartoony" than I usually prefer, it is still special because he helped pick out the theme :) My goal was to make it a fun room for him to enjoy while still allowing for my girly girl to grow into it (and I didn't want to repaint)!

Design Inspiration

Fragile Planet Collection, Ikea's LOVA leaf canopy

Decorating Style

Ecletic, Budget, Clean

Project Details

I removed the door from the changing table and replaced it with sueded giraffe print fabric. One item not pictured is a small shelf on the facing wall. Originally it had stars and moons on the pegs- I replced them with wooden animals for less than 10 bucks- looks totally custom for hardly any money.

Favorite Items

 I adore the lily pad shag rugs from Hobby Lobby and the mosquito net over the crib. My son's favorite part is the leaf canopy.


If you are willing to sacrifice a bit of your preferences for your toddler, it is so exciting for them to help. Once the bedding was picked out, I looked to stores like Hobby Lobby for little touches and browsed pictures online for crafty ideas to make it special. It will always be a work in progress!

Tausha Rachelle Jones

Wednesday 11th of June 2014

What's the name of this bedding?

Fawn Gargiulo

Sunday 11th of December 2011

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Friday 5th of August 2011

I LOVE this room. We are doing foster care in hopes of adopting. We are needing a space with a crib and toddler bed that is gender nuetral! I found it! Thank you so much!


jamie jo

Saturday 19th of March 2011

thank you! i really just wanted something fun, bright and kid friendly :) now that my daughter is older, i will be taking the canopy down (so she doesn't pull it down on her) and probably getting another leaf canopy to take the place


Wednesday 16th of March 2011

I love what you have done here.  The burst of color really makes it more fun and very much alive.  I love your addition of the green rugs and the alphabet puzzle mats and of course, the leaf canopy over Nolan's bed!!! Please design my nursery!!!