Jude’s Whimsical Nursery

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I created this room for my second son, Jude, and wanted a space that was both fun and sophisticated, and that would grow up with him. At the time of designing the room, we weren't sure if our baby was a boy or girl, so something gender-neutral was necessary too. I didn't want to go all matchy-matchy, and wanted to incorporate handmade and eco-friendly elements to the room. As a former art teacher/artist, I created many of the homemade touches myself, including the felted mobile, quilted wall hanging, and pillow. This room is now our favorite in the house!

Design Inspiration

I was inspired initially by the wallpaper and its fun design and color scheme.  I wanted the background of the room to be neutral gray (paint from Yolo Colorhouse, Stone .04) with pops of color in the form of accessories and bedding.

Decorating Style

I like modern, handmade style, with an eco-friendly slant.

Project Details

I started with my older son's crib, then found modern, eco-friendly furniture from Argington that went well with it.  I fell in love with the rug, from Overstock.com (great source for low cost, high quality area rugs) and the modern chair that I found on Amazon for around $100.  Most of the artwork I made myself, like the "J" monogram above the crib made from broken crayons.  I think you can make a lot of artwork for kids' rooms really cheaply, or else find affordable items from Etsy.  I love the prints I got from ZukZuk on Etsy; they're really fun!

Favorite Items

The wallpaper, the felted mobile, the quilted wallhanging (my first ever attempt at quilting), and the furniture.


Find an artwork (or wallpaper) with a color scheme you love and go from there in terms of colors for the room. I prefer using a neutral background to let the accessories stand out.  And use what you love, even if it might not "fit in", like the parents' childhood toys or furniture.


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    I like the combination of simplicity and whimsical. I like that there are a few charming items, but that you didn’t go overboard. Most nurseries that go for the whimsical look almost always end up over-killing it. You didn’t, and I like that.

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