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Jr & Diego’s Club House


This is my boys Play Room inspired by Mickey's Club House.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration with this project was that I wanted to keep the Mickey Mouse theme but make it unique at the same time. I decided to focus on Mickey's Body Parts and still be able to use old furniture to make it inexensive.

Decorating Style

Classic and Modern

Project Details

I used chalk board paint on the closet doors, drawers and my boys kitchen since I wanted the whole play room to match. The Red and Yellow paint we bought thru Home Depot and we used the Disney Paint Collection. My stepfather created the horizontal black and white stripes. I had a craft table that was falling apart, my boss recreated a new table for my kids and he included Mickey's Silouette.

Favorite Items

My favorite item has to be the closet doors which I painted with chalk board paint. To see my 5yr old son practice is name, alphabets etc. or my 9yr old son helping his brother understand numbers or letters using the chalboard closet doors, that's a priceless moment for me. Thanks to my co-worker Amy who told me about chalk board paint I didn't even know it excisted!


Everything is possible even with a low budget. As long as you have in mind the look you are trying to achieve visual or make a drawing it will work. I was trying to find Mickey Body Parts knobs and they were discontinued. So what did I do. I called Disneyland and ordered Mickey Body Parts Magnets and I created my own drawer knobs and it turned out less inexpensive and unique. If you can't find it you could have someone create it for you or you could create it yourself.


Tuesday 12th of October 2010

Red and black, when combined, are striking. They make a powerful combo. And I think these colors are perfect for two active boys.


Monday 11th of October 2010

I really believe that when it comes to kids, you can never go wrong with Mickey! The red and black is a great choice of colors. Blues for boys can already be predictable.