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Jovi’s Room


I am trying to make her room more toddler rather than baby. Any comments and suggestions are highly recommended!!

Design Inspiration

I actually didn't start out with any inspiration..... I'm still trying to find that one thing that just makes me say "that's it"

Decorating Style

I would say I have good taste I just don't know how to put it all together to make it magical.

Project Details

The tree decal that is behind the dresser was supposed to be on the brown wall next to her crib to replace the blank space. Although the decal did not stick to the walls very good and (unfortunalty didn't go where I had originally planned). Above her window is a decal that says "I'll Love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be"

Favorite Items

So far my favorite item is the white elephant on the floating shelf. It is so soft and girly that it just makes me smile.


Make sure that what you want is actually what you want.....


Monday 14th of February 2011

I would be too afraid to paint the furniture......... The divider wasn't meant to be in her room, that was a living room item that was being moved around to see where it looked the best....... It didn't stay long (glad you said something!) I am just so frustrated with her room and the fact that most of the items don't match, that it is driving me nuts. I'm sure I will drive the hubby nuts with all the re-do things I want to do!


Monday 14th of February 2011

Hi there.  I agree with Recreate that this a a beautiful room, only that it's much too mature and much too serious.  Have you considered repainting the walls to something pastel just to offset the classic browns you have.  Or you could paint the crib and the changing table into white or something lighter.  Aslo that display divider beside the door is taking up a lot of space and it is not much in use.  How about taking it out of the room and then putting up shelves on the wall to free up the space beneath?  I love the Jovi art you have there, really cute!


Thursday 10th of February 2011

Thanks! I actually just recieved a Tree wall decal for her brown wall! I am going to put it up tonight and repost some better pictures.


Thursday 10th of February 2011

I think this is a great start.  I would suggest, however, getting decals for the brown wall.  Something for a little toddler, whimsical and fun... just to break the severeness of the brown paint you have there.