Jovie’s Nest

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This is Jovie's Nest. It's full of bright colors and and shapes for Jovie to enjoy as she lives and learns.

Design Inspiration

I was inspired by a vintage birdcage that I found at a garage sale in town. I started collecting birdcages after I found that one and the idea sort of grew from there.

Decorating Style

Vintage Modern Eclecticism. JK. I am not certain how to describe my decorating style. I love clean modern pieces mixed with vintage and antique pieces. Add a dash of sculptural art found objects and a sprinkle of happy accidents and I have a house that I feel is home.

Project Details

The crib, bookshelf, dresser, rocker, and light fixtures are all from Ikea. The birdcages are found pieces that I had been collecting from various tradeshows, flea markets, garage sales, etc. The rug was found at Lowe's for a really good price. The aspen trees were painted by my mother and I using just Kilz for the white, generic black pait and some Folk Art acryllic paint for the leaves (which we stenciled onto the wall and then outlined with a Sharpie). The cardinals were also stenciled. All of the frames behind the crib are collected pieces from various stores and I painted pictures of animals and birds with acrylic paint. The silhouettes are of my husband and I. The bedding was made by a friend of mine (

Favorite Items

The birdcages. Absolutely. No. The mural. It was so much fun to paint and really easy, too. I also really like the animal montage behind the crib. I'm kinda proud of it all!


Have fun with it! The whole room could EASILY be simulated and if you aren't loving the idea of painting your own aspen tree murals, you can find wall stickers online all over the place that look almost exactly like these paintings! Just use Google!


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    I love this room! The paint and colors are so calming and the trees are very unique and are a great touch! 

  4. 4

    Very mature.  But don’t you think that everything in the room is too dark?  Maybe adding some lights or some color would help?

  5. 5

    Love the nursery. Very calm place. Where did you get the frames to put the silhouettes in. I love them.

  6. 6

    I have the same crib and chair from IKEA! Awesome. My room is dark grey but we are doing something super similar. 

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    Beautiful wall color; I really love it! I also like the lighting. It’s a nice change from the typical chandelier you see too much of. And I can’t believe I’m saying this but I like the TREES! Normally they annoy me because they are so overdone but your are appealing for some reason. Maybe it’s the contrast on the wall color or the fact they’re handpainted. Anyway, I love this room. I could move right in!

  8. 8

    I love love love your wall color! I would love to do my little girls play room in this color, we have gone through so many greens and none of them seem to work! Can you share the paint type and color of yours??? Thank you!

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