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Josie’s Blue Bunny First Birthday


Our daughter LOVES a stuffed blue bunny that she picked out at the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor in Le Mars, Iowa. Once we were planning her birthday party, we decided that we should have a theme that she loves, and her blue bunny is her favorite thing!

We created sparkly blue bunnies and floral bunnies out of paper from Hobby Lobby and added fluffy bunny tails. We made these into two different banners. We also made a "Blue Bunny" month-by-month photo banner. Some of my favorite details for decorations were her "carrot" balloons, "carrot" napkins, and "Blue Bunny" cups. We made the cups by gluing cotton balls onto blue cups and I thought they turned out adorable!

We served "carrot" strawberries, bunny bread, carrot cupcakes, veggies, and also had a "Blue Bunny" ice cream bar. We made the "carrot" strawberries by dipping strawberries in melted orange Wilton candy melts. We served them over Oreo "dirt" and in a tray that we glued a small "picket fence" around. The "Blue Bunny" ice cream bar was a hit! We used small terra-cotta planters to hold a variety of toppings. We all enjoyed the ice cream!

It was such a fun party to plan and our little Josie Rose really enjoyed the bunny decorations...especially the balloons!