Jordyn’s Room

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Orange in Flight

Design Inspiration

I was on bed rest and my stomach was the size of a large pumpkin.  Laying there I looked out the window a lot and loved the orange hues in the sky right before the sunset.  I wanted to portray that time of the day in Jordyn's room. Pumpkin colors with white to off set the orange.  Things in flight with a touch of turquoise.

Decorating Style

Anything goes, I play with color.  Risky and fearless. Playful especially when I'm working on a child's room.  I want the rooms to look lived in and be lived in.

Project Details

Went through 4 shades of orange till I found the hue I was looking for.  On the lamp I wanted a pop of orange to add some pizazz to the all white shade. So I found orange ribbon and accented the target lamp shade by gluing the ribbon on the edges. I didn't buy sheet sets I wanted a certain color of pink and turquoise so bought from different vendors based on color.  All bed sheets are organic. The letters on the wall are from pottery barn kids and the wall flower stick out the wall held on by a magnet, found those at urban outfitters.

Favorite Items

I love the turquoise pillow on the chair which I found at a antique shop in Martinez, CA.   I also love the wall decals of the trees and the light touch of blue birds.   LOVE the butterfly mobile from pottery barn.  I love all the items!  I placed the birds everywhere to make them fly around the room.


I'm a frugal bargain shopper.  Shop in clearance, discontinued and 2nd hand shops. Project nursery was a great resource so was etsy. Dont be afraid of color.  Play with it.  I didn't want the whole room in orange so I used one wall as the accent wall.  The rest i kept in a neutral tone.


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    Orange was a bold and daring choice. But I have to say you did an amazing job.  That accent wall has a very dramatic effect and it’s beautiful.

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    I think the orange was a perfect choice.  It and the turquoise looks great instead of all typical pink. 

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    Beautiful job by a very talented Mom! Kind of want this room for myself, and I’m 30 years old! :)

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    This room is the absolute sweetest! You did a remarkable job!!! I’m also interested in what color of orange you chose. And, do you mind sharing where you found each of the wall decals? They are simply perfect! Best nursery on here in my opinion!

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    I am working on our nursery as well and LOVE the orange! What color did you use?

  17. 17


    I am not an orange girl but love my daughter who is begging for an orange wall. Will you please tell me the color so I can paint her orange wall soon.

    Thank you!

  18. 18

    I love this room I have saved it to use as inspiration! The bed is my fav…what brand is it?

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    I would love to know the name of your wall colors (orange and side walls). I’m painting the nursery soon and this is amazing!

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    I would love to know the name of the paint colors you used for the yellow and orange walls. Also, do you happen to know where you purchased that wall decal? I have searched all over esty, target, walmart, baby stores and google shopping and I can’t find it. I love your decal!

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    I love your work. it is beautiful. Can you tell me which shade of orange this is? Thanks

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