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Johnny Cupcakes 1st Birthday Party


As much as we tried to get our oldest child to call his baby brother “Jack” that just didn’t happen. So now we have a Johnny on our hands. I batted around a few themes and kept coming back to a non-traditional idea: Johnny Cupcakes. At first thought it might not sound like a typical 1st birthday, but cupcakes, pirates and plaid screams little boy to me! 

Design Inspiration

It's our son's nickname plus an adorable jolly roger romper from Baby Gap helped confirm the theme.

Decorating Style

Classic with a twist. 

Project Details

Invitations:  Verseau Design
Thank You Notes: 
Say Hello by Tiny Prints
Jolly Roger one-piece by Baby GAP
Birthday Cake & Cupakes: 
Made By Molly
Cupcake Toppers: 
Bug & Boo Designs
Favor Bags: 
Johnny Cupcakes pastry box
Favors: a foam pirate hat, Johnny Cupcake pencils, pirate and cupcake stickers
Entertainment: Renee - Boston's Face Painter
Venue & Catering:
 Our home
Decor: Johnny Cupcake balloons

I also love having music on at parties! I always create a custom playlist that loops throughout the party and goes along with the theme. iTunes Playlist: Birthday (The Beatles), Happy Birthday (The Ting Tings), Talk Like A Pirate (The Never Land Pirate Band), A Pirate Looks At Forty (Jack Johnson), Man in Black (Johnny Cash), Johnny B. Good (Grateful Dead), Plaid (Chicago), The Distance (Cake)

Favorite Items

Hands down, the custom plaid cupcakes that perfectly matched the invitation with the custom pirate cupcake toppers were my favorite. Best of all, they tasted even better than they looked!


Think about your guests! John's birthday is the week of Thanksgiving - not the best for hosting friends, but it makes for a great family turnout. All the cousins were there and ranged in age between 1 and 15. The older kids watched Pirates of the Caribbean and a face painter entertained the younger ones, but they all enjoyed a treasure hunt before the cake was served. And for the young-at-heart, we had plenty of Cupcake wine on hand. 

Florence Amber

Sunday 26th of August 2012

Cool theme. Change the colors of those cupcakes and you have a Burberry party! 


Saturday 18th of August 2012

Creative and age-appropriate party. But where are the rest of the photos?

Sara Allen Abbott

Tuesday 25th of September 2012

Thank you. I posted a couple more photos from the party. They're not great, but I was 9mos pregnant at the time and really focused on *not* having the baby at the the party :)