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Jillian Grace Cunningham’s Suite


We put together this room piece by piece. I made several of the pieces. We gathered things on sale. It turned out better than we ever thought!

Design Inspiration

We first found the bedding.  it is NoJo Pop Petals.  We just hit the ground running from there. We loved the bright, happy colors.  The slightly retro shape of the daisies was so fun. We stuck to flowers and accented with lambs.  My Christian sorority, Sigma Phi Lambda-Sisters for the Lord, had the mascot of a lamb.  I always knew I wanted lambs in my baby girl's nursery. 

Decorating Style

We kept things bright and cheery.  We bought everything on a budget.  We wanted to keep it simple, but have lots of fun at the same time.

Project Details

We painted the walls with buttercup yellow, a color that was used in small amounts in the bedding.  Then we did an accent wall in violet shimmer.  The violet wasn't in the bedding, but it went so well with all the colors that were, we just had to use it.  We used Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint.  The purple took two coats.  The yellow took 3-4.  We had a light latte colored room.  We thought it would cover better since it is supposed to be the best out there with the paint and primer in one.  But, live and learn.

Then, we went to Hobby Lobby and found the growth chart, flower, light switch covers, and two of the crosses.  I then purchased the small accent shelf and flower pegs.  I used the paint samples we had tried in the room to paint the shelves and flower pegs. 

For the canvases, I had an old Real Wooly Calendar.  I cut out the pictures I wanted.  Then I got a canvas that was an inch bigger than the picture.  I then used Mod Poge to make it a custom wall piece.  The orange says,"If we're ever down...the Savior promises to pick us up."  The green says, "Just think...God thinks about you all the time. (now there's a thought)"  The purple says, "We can rest easy...'cause the Shepard never sleeps."

I was inspired by Etsy to make the ribbon ring that hangs above the changing table.  I used the top of an old lamp shade.  Then I tied ribbons all the way around.  I finished them with fray block.  This will give her something to watch while I change her countless times!  There will be a mobile on her crib that matches the bedding.

We bought the matching decals where we got the bedding.  We started with the larger flower decals and filled in with the smaller ones.  We wanted it to be whimsical and fun.  We are going to use some of the extra decals on a new white ceiling fan.

I have a friend who makes some of the pieces we used.  The board in the corner is actually a chalkboard!  We are going to write part of Jillian's lulluby on it.  Then the desk by the glider is an old school desk that has been updated.  Then there is a heart with wings that has fun beads and jewels on it in the opposite corner.  These were at a great price and really add something nice to the room.

I will also be making  a custom lamp to go on the desk.  This is a fun and easy process.  Just buy a lamp making kit at Home Depot, use some spray paint to update a lamp.  Add a new shade and you are ready to go!

Favorite Items

I love the flower above the crib.  I also love the ribbon ring and lamb canvases.  I mostly love how much fun my husband and I, along with some dear friends, had painting.  Then my hubby and I loved pulling it all together.


Look at craft stores and find what you like.  If you can make it yourself for cheaper, go ahead and do it!  Then, for the rest of the stuff, wait until it goes on sale and snatch it up.  We didn't pay full price for anything in this room! 


Thursday 30th of December 2010

DIY has never looked this great!  I love everything you guys did here!


Wednesday 29th of December 2010

It really does look like you had lots of fun with this room.  I simply admire your taste and your artistry!


Monday 27th of December 2010

Wow!  What a fun room, very colorful and whimsical.  I love the little touches that you and your hubby put on here.