Jeremy’s Vintage Elmo Party

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A simple, family party for Jeremy's 2nd birthday.

Design Inspiration

Elmo, the inexplicably enchanting  furry red monster. I swore I'd never host a TV character themed birthday party, but Jeremy loves him. LOOOOOVES him. So I did my best to give Elmo a vintage, homemade feel.

Decorating Style

My style is artsy, thrift store chic, vintage-modern hybrid. And it's definitely evolving with motherhood. A couple years ago, I was ALL about the industrial, uuber modern, clean line, all-white type of look, and now I'm very much into picking up strange, unmatching pieces from thrift stores and I'd kill for a restored barnwood table.

Project Details

The party was held in my parent's kitchen, which has great natural lighting. We had grilled bratwursts with sauerkraut, burgers with bacon & grilled vidalia onions & gouda cheese, homegrown blue potato salad, arugula & spinach & homegrown chard salad, watermelon & canteloupe balls (side note: making melon balls is hard. consult youtube FIRST, not after you've made your 19th ugly watermeon glob) and finally, a cake for the guests  and a cake all for Jeremy. Both were vanilla cakes with homemade buttercream & raspberry icing. (Elmo was raspberry flavored, of course.) The guests wore paper Elmos pinned to their shirts & sipped sparkling mint lemonade, which I made from a Williams Sonoma recipe, of all things!

-The case of Mason jars was unopened, collecting dust in my mother's kitchen, but they can be found at Walmart for like 8 bucks.

-White twine and small banner triangles on the glasses came from Hobby Lobby. For the monograms, I painted each one white, pressed letter stickers (from hobby lobby) on the white paint, painted over them with red, then peeled off the stickers. I free handed the Elmos, which is why some of them look like they're under the influence of LSD.

-Balloon sticks, orange painted 2, chalk board, the fabric I used for the tablecloth, and the red melanine plates all came from Hobby Lobby. That is my holy place.

-Birthday hat handmade by my sister

-Paper Elmos also handmade; I used scrapbooking scissors for the scruffy look of each red circle, a circle cutter for the eyes and noses, and I hand cut 24 tiny black pupils after consuming gratuitous amounts of coffee.

Favorite Items

The birthday hat, made by my sister. She's an art student at WU. I told her I wanted a white paper hat, black stripes, red 2, red puff, and she made a more perfect hat than I was even imagining. It was absolutely precious in person, and he kept it on ALL day.


Perusing Project Nursery's party gallery provided much inspiration. But I will say this: Just Go. To. Hobby Lobby. I walked in there with 1/8th of a plan and came out with the whole party in mind. Divine inspiration.


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    Thank you! The Elmos were just paper cutouts that all the guests pinned to our shirts for the party. I made them with a circle cutter and scrapbooking scissors! Super easy!

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