Jaxson’s Nursery

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I love gray and orange!  They were our wedding colors and now we used them for Jax's room!  I had to fight my husband to use orange instead of blue but Im so glad he caved beacuse I love the room.

Design Inspiration

I wanted a peaceful soothing color (gray)but with a twist of fun (orange).  I looked at a lot of nurseries online for ideas.

Decorating Style

Contemporary and clean with a little color burst

Project Details

Our crib and chair came from Babies R Us.  The shelves and the dresser are from Ikea.  My mother made the curtains and crib skirt for us our of fabric from Carosel Deisgns.  My sister used her cricket machine to do the wall quote (we lost a "y"...shes making us a new one but I couldnt wait till then to the pics!!!).  The rug and light fixture are from IKEA..  I painted the trees and birds.   Orange accessories are from Land of Nod. I think thats it...

Favorite Items

I love all of it!!!!  I think the curtains and the light really give the room the contemporary feel we wanted.


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    Very lovely nursery. I think your lamp’s really nice, too. And cute wall quote, even if you lost one letter.

  2. 2

    So cute! I love the gray and orange. Do you remember what brand/color of paint you used? You did a great job on the trees! They look like the wall decals!

  3. 3

    It was Behr Anonomous (not sure if I spelled that right). It was actually the 3rd gray we painted bc I was too sacred to go too dark in the beginning bc I was afraid it would look like a prison! I guess third times a charm!

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    I love the simplicity of the room, yet it is also cheerful at the same time! Do you know which cartridge your sister used to cut out the wall quote?

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