Jacoby’s Nursery

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The a nursery designed with a sports theme...but not an over whelming amount of sports related items.

Design Inspiration

The bedding is where it all started.

Decorating Style

Unique....Im not a fan of mass produced bedding or room decorations.  I like 'hunting' for the perfect custom item.  Thats why I LOVE Etsy.

Project Details

The bedding is custom made from Sweet Dreams bedding on Etsy. Picture frames are made by Delta Girl on Etsy. Name plaque is made by My Adornables also on Etsy. I would HIGHLY recommend looking into those Etsy shops.  The women that run them were awesome!

Favorite Items

Hard to say....I think the name plaque


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    Orange and brown reminds me of my favorite orange-flavored chocolates. So I find it a delicious color combination. You got a really nice and warm nursery here. And I like the name Jacoby, too.

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