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Jackson’s Traditional Bedroom


Jackson's Nursery (with the crib converted to a toddler bed). The design was chosen because it can easily be converted to a "big boy room" when the time comes -- dashed lines can be converted to solid lines and pictures can be swapped out for sports or car memorabilia.

Design Inspiration

Various magazines and Pinterest for the most part. We contemplated the design of the nursery for a long time - my husband wanted a car theme and I wanted jungle animals. In the end, we decided that our son is likely to love cars his entire life (it's a family thing) but we only have a few short years to get away with animals.

Decorating Style

Classic, with earth tones that will grow with our son.

Project Details

Furniture by Young America (no longer in business)

Bedding by Sweet Jojo Designs

Art DIY, with appliques by custom-made by an Etsy designer and backgrounds and detail self-made utilizing mixed-media

Curtains - Martha Stewart (Home Depot)

Teepee and matching cowboys & indians pillow- DIY

Favorite Items

I have 2 favorite items - the first is the wooden train. It was handmade by my grandfather when I was young, and Grandpa made a set for each of his grandsons. My grandfather passed before my son was born. For my son's first Christmas, my grandmother gave my son the last remaining set, with a hand written note saying that Grandpa would have wanted all of his boys to have one.

The other is the teepee - I had seen them at a number of different stores but I wanted one that would custom fit the space it currently sits in so I took on the challenge to make one myself. I was so incredibly excited that it came out the way it did.


Have fun with it!