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Jackson’s Hideaway


A bright room filled with all of his favorite things!

Design Inspiration

I wanted to create a space that would grow with Jackson, so I was careful not to stick to a 'theme'. I also wanted to include a lot of fun activities for my busy little man, so it's fun for him!

Decorating Style

When decorating Jack's room I stayed with the same overall modern feel of the rest of my house. I like to stick with clean lines and love color!

Project Details

There are so many to list! You can find them all at my Blog:)

The bed, desk, and cabinet were all Ikea hacks and most of the other items were from Etsy shops and a couple items from Amazon.

Favorite Items

My favorite part of this room is definitely the gallery wall above the bed, it was so fun finding pieces that meant something to us:)


Here are some of my main tips for designing a Big Kid Room:)

  • Stick with the style of your house. Obviously the child’s room will have a kid vibe, but I always try to choose furniture and an overall feel that will flow with the rest of my house. In my case this is modern, hence the style of the bed and small furniture in the room. We love color in this house and his room is no different!
  • Longevity….while it is fun to add the childish accents, try to keep the more expensive pieces something that will grow with your child. These items might include the rug, curtains, and possibly the comforter or duvet cover. For Jack’s room I chose a bright geometric print for the curtains which can grow with him. I usually do the comforters in a solid or basic print and then have more fun with the sheets and pillows!
  • Consider trends….a similar tip, when choosing the more childish items, consider price and how quickly he/she may grow out of a certain phase. If you have a little one you know how quickly that happens! In our case, I added a lot of learning elements, included the dog, and used his name and initial to add details. I felt pretty confident about the Lego accents as he will likely be playing with those for years to come!
  • Think like a kid! It’s really fun to design a room that looks fabulous, but now that Jack is old enough he would totally call me out if it wasn’t FUN for him! Don’t get so caught up in how everything looks and forget to include some activities for your child. I tried to keep this in mind with pretty much every aspect of Jack’s room and he was thrilled with his room:)