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Jackson’s First Birthday Party


My son, Jackson's first birthday party.

Design Inspiration

He loved playing with cars and we used one of his favorite toy as the theme of the party.

Decorating Style

Simple, classic, fun

Project Details

We had a hard time deciding on a theme because we really wanted something that represented him.  When he was around 9 months, he really got into car toys...basically anything that had wheels, so we knew we wanted a car theme for his birthday.  The only problem was finding items that were generic cars since cars the movie was coming out.  We didn't want to base the theme on the movie so we used a lot of his toy cars to create his cake, invitation, etc.  The cake was from a local bakery in Bellaire called Le Duc and the car was a custom design from  Both of these vendors were awesome and I highly recommend them. 

My husband personally made the smash cake.  We ordered a giant cupcake mold off of Amazon and made that for him the night before.  It was a fun family activity...we also enjoy eating the rest of it!

We also wanted different activities for the little ones to be able to enjoy around the house so we had a car swing up hanging down from our pergola, a mat i found from Ikea that had streets laying out in our yard and i put lots of toy cars for the kids to play.  Then i had another race car set up in our living room.  The actitives were a hit for little one - two year olds. 

Favorite Items

My favorite item of the party is the invitation.  The cardstock is thick and we were able to create a fun, classic look without it looking too kiddish.  We were able to customize the back with a picture we had of our son and a short description which just made it so perfect.  My second favorte piece was the cake.  We worked with the baker and design the cake.  It not only looked cute but tasted GREAT...everyone was raving about it. 

I also love the little play mat i had out in our yard that had roads, lights etc on it and i layed out toy cars for the kids.  It was adorable and the kids loved to be able to crawl around outside.


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Thursday 2nd of June 2011

I think you can never go wrong with a car theme for a little boy's party. Great choice. And that cake is very cute and looks really yummy.