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Jace’s Nursery


I wanted to do something creative in his room rather than the normal "blue" when I found out I was having my second son. My husband and I decided on the light lime green, orange, and navy blue paint when we went to Lowes, and I gave him my idea. After 3 days of taping and painting we had our son's perfect nursery. The rest of the room I pulled from those colors, not wanting to settle on one theme for the room.

Design Inspiration

I love stripes! Stripes are beautiful and make any room fun. The different colors and sizes of the stripes are my favorite design.

Project Details

The 4 small picture frames by the mirror were my DIY projects. My husband is Romanian and "te iubesc" means I love you, and I wanted to incorporate a bit of his heritage in his room. All of it was made out of scrapbooking material I already had. The green mirror I just happened to find at Lowes, it was cheap enough and matched so I had to have it! The white cubed shelf with green boxes are from Lowes as well, and I put the small baby toys in one and my stock of small baby supplies in the other. The 4 lanterns were ordered online for cheap from Luna Bazaar, and I think they really pop in this room. Last but not least, the crib bedding is from "Modified Tot" on Etsy. The design caught my eye and I ordered my bumper and crib skirt. The letters spelling JACE are from Hobby Lobby, and the blue touch lamp was actually my husbands from a long time ago, and I found it in my basement recently and it matches great! I still plan to add more to his room, such as pictures and a birth print, all having to be done after he is born!

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the crib bedding. It's unique and brings everything in the room together. It is fun, simple, and can grow with my son into his toddler bed.


You will need 1" and 2" tape to make stripes and do only 1 color per day (It took us 3 days!)


Wednesday 31st of August 2011

Where did you get the bedding from?


Thursday 18th of August 2011

That sure is one interesting and unique-looking accent wall. The color combination's very out-of-the-ordinary, too. I think that going for orange, blue and lime is a great example of going out of the box. Good luck for Sept. 15!