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Jace’s Little Home


Modern Safari theme with olive green and brown and orange accents.

Design Inspiration

My husband and I come from 2 very different states, Texas and California so we had to find a style that suited both our taste and came up with the Modern Safari theme. We painted everything in the room and my husband did the tree. We are so happy that we did this ourselves!

Decorating Style

Traditional with bold colors, fun patterns and orginal work

Project Details

We had the bedding made at Cowgirls and Lace, the crib from Babies r Us, the dresser and Chris's Barewood furniture, the elephant lamp from World market, and the rug from Anthropologie.

Favorite Items

The rug from Anthropolgie and the green contrasting stripes on the wall, also the custom art work done on the walls. Of course the bedding, we are very happy with the colors.


Always find a piece you really love and design around it. If you decide to do stripes make sure and buy the really good painters tape and seal the edges really well. The paint color should be the same but one is matte finish and the other is satin which is where you get the contrast....I had to do my research on that!

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  1. avatar heatherkl24 says:

    Dido! I would love to know the green paint color! I love the room!

  2. avatar Kayleeann10 says:

    Hey! I absolutley love the colors! What kind of paint and colors did you use? I’m thinking of something along this line but can’t seem to find just the right green! thanks!

  3. avatar shilps0308 says:

    Hiya! i was wondering if you can email the names of the paint colours used? I really love the work you guys did! i’m thinking of doing something similar for my baby’s room as well! Thanks!

  4. avatar Taryn Wenzel Deach says:

    I had the artwork done by Kimberly custom artwork

    she is very reasonable and great!

    The tree my husband found online and used a projector to trace it on the wall and then we painted it! So easy if you can find the projector.

  5. avatar angie815 says:

    I love your baby’s room! Did order that tree online ?

  6. avatar Dandelion says:

    I love that elephant with the J’s all over it.  And I adore those animal illustrations too.  Are those etsy or did you paint it?  The colors of this room is really uniquely beautiful! I love it!

  7. avatar Taryn Wenzel Deach says:

    elephant lamp is from World Market

  8. avatar Taryn Wenzel Deach says:

    I guess it depends on what brand you buy finished, I know that Caden Lane has that and they are pricey but I couldn’t find the color I like which was the green, browns, and orange with touches of blue. Thanks for your comments!

  9. avatar Ysczabel says:

    Would having a bedding customized be more expensive than just buying a finished one?  I love the crib and how classy it looks, it goes well with the rest of the room!

  10. avatar SkyCroswell says:

    I love the room. Can you tell me where did you get the elephant lamp? It is beautiful! Great job!

  11. avatar zj417 says:

    Wow!  What a beautiful color scheme!  The rug and custom art work are my favorite.  You and your husband did a really good job tying these colors together!

  12. avatar CreativeCrumbs says:

    Whoever said that earth colors were boring?  I so love the colors you used here and how you combined them all together!