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It’s Almost Time Clock Shower


This baby shower was thrown for me by my closest friends and my sister.  We didn't find out the gender of our baby, so they used "It's Almost Time" for the theme since it was almost time for the baby to be born and the gender would finally be revealed.  My mom is a wedding planner, and they used her "Sweet Shoppe" stand for an awesome candy stand/dessert table.  Everyone was able to take a bag of yummy sweets home.  My friend Amanda made the adorable cake, and her friend made the clock cookie favors.

Design Inspiration

We found a clock-themed gender reveal party here on Project Nursery and fell in love.  With that event as their inspiration, they integrated a pink AND blue color scheme since we didn't know the gender.  Hostess Stephanie's mom had all of her books from childhood, so they collected old clocks and made groupings of the books and clocks on each table.  Stephanie made a calendar and had little feet stamps for people to choose pink or blue and the date they expected Baby M to arrive.

Decorating Style


Project Details

I loved all of the personal touches. They had everyone write cute notes on diapers so that we could have a laugh when we changed Baby M. My childhood best friend also found ABC blocks on Etsy and had everyone sign and write something on a block.

The favors were bottles of pink and blue nail polish with little clock charms on them and tags that said "It's a Girl" and "It's a Boy."  I designed my own invitations with the help from the hostess.  We mailed them in boxes with pink and blue lollipops.  I love receiving things in the mail, so I wanted them to be really special.  I wanted my guests to know that I appreciated them.

Flowers- The Flower Studio

Clock Charms on Nail Polish- Lady Collection on Etsy

Nail Polish- Walgreens

Photographer- EME Photography

Invitations and Menus- Flossy Stylish Design

Blocks- Dakota Prairie on Etsy

My dad built the Sweet Shoppe for one of my mom's events.  They used a lemonade stand from Pinterest for the inspiration.


Favorite Items

I loved the Sweet Shop, the diapers, the blocks, the guessing calendar, the straws, the favors... so no one favorite item.


Don't feel like you have to replicate an event that you see online.  You can make it unique and personal for the guest of honor.  The hostess kept me in the loop on this one and made sure that I loved everything.  My family shower details were a total surprise, which was also amazing, but it was fun to be involved in this one.  Ask the guest of honor if they have a preference on their level of involvement.

Baby Shower Activities - Project Nursery

Wednesday 18th of December 2013

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Tuesday 6th of August 2013

Lovin the Sweet Shoppe stand! And those clock pendants are just cute and lovely.