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Isaac’s Room


This is the babies room as it stands today. A lot of thought and time went into the planning of this room. I chose the baby bedding and woodland theme while my wife picked the colors and added all the touches to make it nice. We wanted to make a calm and inviting space. We also wanted the room to be as non-gendered as we could. Montessori ideas were also brought in ie. the work table, low hanging art, work shelves reachable by child, and nature real world theme. Take a look.

Design Inspiration

Modern Nature and Woods

Decorating Style


Project Details

Favorite Items

The Birds in the tree.



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  1. avatar ThatGirlIsAMonster says:

    I was really beginning to wonder where all the dads were.  Congratulations for a beautiful room.  I love your idea of having those empty picture frames like that, it would be filled with lots of memories soon.

  2. avatar hawahawa says:

    Black and white makes the baby develop his eyesight and IQ faster.  That’s one montessori idea isn’t it?  But I really didn’t expect you could use it for the mobile, that is a nice touch.  Would be great to see more of this room :)

  3. avatar Shaybritt says:

    Where did you get the bedding? I want it!

  4. avatar ttintoronto says:

    more pictures please!

  5. avatar ttintoronto says:

    more pictures please!