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Hugo’s Vibrant Retreat.


Hugo is a vibrant and curious 4-year-old with a strong point of view on what he likes. We set out to create a fun and unique room for him in our new home, letting him help with the design process in every step. We wanted him to feel creative and comfortable in the new house and by letting him have control over his own space, we knew he'd be right at home.

Design Inspiration

When we started coming up with ideas for the room, we tried to channel our preschooler's wild imagination.

We wanted a room that was going to reflect Hugo’s personality – bold and cheerful – while still being a comfortable place that he can retreat to for reading, quiet time and sleeping.

He could spend hours creating an elaborate fort in the living room, so putting a brightly colored canopy over his bed made it feel fort-like. He loves spending time drawing pictures and creating imaginary characters, so we wanted him to have a creation station that was all his own. Special zones around the room gave him room to create, learn or just relax with a book. The chalkboard wall has been a great place to practice the alphabet and spelling, which is a favorite activity before bedtime.

Decorating Style

We didn't think about a specific style when pulling the room together, rather allowing it to develop its own personality that mirrored Hugo's creative spirit. It could best be described as "Super Bold, Super Fun."

Project Details

Our main sources for the room were IKEA and Land of Nod, with a healthy dose of vintage finds from local Minneapolis shops. The fire engine artwork is from my shop Senn & Sons (

Favorite Items

The storage wall is definitely the hardest-working element in the room. Using a combination of the Expedit bookshelf and picture ledges from IKEA, we have the perfect place to store and display books, art and toys. We also have a big, squishy bean bag in the room so Hugo can just plop down with books any time during the day.


Hugo loves spending time in his room – from drawing pictures at his little table to curling up with books in the bean bag, it’s ended up being a perfect place for him to sleep and play. I am so happy he was involved in the process of creating it. His offbeat creative touches totally make it work.  It’s not a perfectly styled room. It’s a real four-year-old’s room.

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  1. avatar Naveena says:

    Hi dear I wanted to knw where did u buy the book shelf from.

  2. avatar emy co says:

    hey, really amazing room! Thanks for this idea! I love these graphic striped baskets! i really think I will also buy Kallax to store the toys of my children ;)

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  4. avatar Kimb Senn says:

    Christi- Those shelves are from IKEA! ( They’re really old, so actually the Expedit version, but I think this version is really similar.

  5. avatar Christi Hale says:

    I already have those baskets from the container store :) What shelving did you buy that fit those large baskets?

  6. avatar Kim Senn says:

    Hey Britt! The green beanbag is from The Land of Nod, but it looks like that color is no longer available! Here’s the link to other colors:!sort.axis__default~~!curated.bean_bag_size__30%20in.!~EDGE~

  7. avatar Britt says:

    Hi there!!! Where did you purchase the green bean bag from? Thank you!!!

  8. avatar sennandsons says:

    Hi Hyojin! So happy you like our room and found inspiration in it! We found the standing globe at a local vintage shop that always has a ton of old globes in stock. (It’s certainly no longer accurate for geography lessons!) I feel like I’ve seen current versions at Target lately, otherwise maybe you could find a vintage one on ebay.

  9. avatar Hyojin says:

    Love this room, so we have purchased the Ikea Kallax shelving unit and the picture ledges. We also bought the grey striped storage units from the container store!

    I have a question about where you got the adorable standing globe! We have a map hanging on the wall, but our little guy is not quite tall enough for it. The standing globe would be great for him to play/explore.

  10. avatar Jes says:

    I like the white! The high gloss white is more expensive anyway haha Thank you for replying :)

  11. avatar Kim Senn says:

    Lucy – We bought the bed at a store in San Francisco that sadly closed! Here is a link to the model if you want to search it out in other locations:

    Jes – Ours is not super glossy, so it must be the “white” option. (It’s an older version purchased before glossy white was available as an option!

    Kim x

  12. avatar Lucy says:

    Hi Kim please can you tell me where the bed is from? Thanks!

  13. avatar Jes says:

    Kim, could you tell me if you bought the white or the high gloss white cube shelving unit from Ikea? I don’t have a store near me to see them in person.

  14. avatar Kim Senn says:

    Thanks for the info, Beth! :)

  15. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Jen, Ikea discontinued the Expedit. The Kallax is extremely similar though.

  16. avatar Jen says:

    do you have a direct link for the ikea expedit shelving? I can’t find it anywhere on their site. (I’m in NY so it’s a U.S. Store). Thanks so much! Love the room.

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  18. avatar Kim Senn says:

    Hi Caitlin – The rug is from The Land Of Nod! It is so durable and looks totally cute, we love it. I can’t find the blue stripe on the site right now, but here’s a link to a gray striped version:

  19. avatar Caitlin says:

    What a awesome room! I love the rug! Would you mind sharing the source?

  20. avatar Kim Senn says:

    Hi Abby – They’re the large version!

  21. avatar Abby says:

    Are those the large or small striped bins from the container store? Thanks!!

  22. avatar Kim Senn says:

    Hi Carissa – I’m so sorry I’m just seeing your comment! The paint colors are Benjamin Moore White Dove and Deep Space. (They can mix any color to be chalkboard paint now, which is so great!)

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  24. avatar Carissa says:

    Hi! Love everything about the room! Can you please share paint colors?

    Thank you!

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  26. avatar Kim Senn says:

    Hi everyone, I’m so sorry it took so long to reply!

    The striped baskets are from The Container Store:

    The Land of Nod carries similar baskets now too! :)

  27. avatar Michelle says:

    Hi, where did you purchase the blue and white baskets in the ikea shelf? Adorable space!

  28. avatar Amy says:

    Where are those stripped bags from?!?

  29. avatar Ebtisam says:

    whats the name of the black and white bags inside the shelves ? are they from ikea?

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