Hugh & Charles Shared Room

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Given that my job is designing nurseries & childrens rooms, when it was time to design my sons' first big boy & shared room.....the pressure was on!

When I first designed the boys room (it has been finished for about 6 months now!), black & white was a trend just emerging for kids rooms and at the time, none of my clients were asking for it.  I think its important to show clients something different than the majority ask both my boys nurseries have been in traditional red, white & blue colour schemes.

The room is only a small room (about 3 meters x 3 meters) and the only place for the beds was the window wall.  Using MUR Wall large triangle decals, I created a bold, geo wall which is certainly eye catching when you walk in!  I had custom bedheads made as well as custom blankets for the bed.

I don't keep toys in the bedroom, so I didn't have to worry about toy storage, but I do love to encourage book reading so I used the never fail IKEA ribba picture ledges to create the book wall.

My boys love tractors, so it was important to incorporate things that they love, without being over the top.  I used tractor decals along the skirting boards as well as creating a print of a vintage tractor from our farm.

I love the room, as do the boys.....but given my job...I'm already up for a change!

Project Details

More details can be found at my blog:


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    What a great room! I love the chair! Would you mind sharing where you purchased or who makes it?

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    Ooooh goodness, what cuties those two are! And the room is beyond cool. Nice job!

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    What a beautiful room. I was wondering if you could please let me know were the bedsides are from please.

    Thanks Max

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