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Hudson’s Nursery


Aqua, grass green and white, modern nursery. . Custom fabrics chosen are not traditional baby motifs but instead fun and modern. The room can be used for many years and will grow with Hudson as he goes from toddler to little boy!

Design Inspiration

My favorite color is aqua, which reminds me of the color of the Ocean in Jamaica where I was married and honeymooned.  I knew this would be the main color for the nursery regardless of gender, just the accent color would change.  The grass green is so fresh and current and just says "boy", so that was an easy choice.

The feature wall was a way to bring character to the room that wouldn't need to be changed when the room is redecorated.

We repurposed a dresser by painting it, and pulled a chair from another room in the house as a reading chair.  The branch and bird wall decal gives the room a touch of whimsy, and is easily removable.  The shelves and book case are a great place to store books and stuffed animals, and doubles as a change table while needed.

Decorating Style

Classic Modern.

Project Details

Paint colors: Benjamin Moore (cloud white, Jack Frost, dark celery)

Wall Decal is from "Styleywalls", the custom bedding was from "tip toe studio", and the owl pillow from "circus Peanuts" all from Etsy.  The bird mobile was also purchased on Etsy from "eat2002".  I loved purchasing as much as possible from independent vendors.

The area rug was from, it is a surya wool shag.  The crib is an oeuf crib from Polka Dot Peacock.  The shelves are the lack shelves from Ikea.  The book case is from West Elm.  

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the Oeuf Sparrow Crib.


My advice is to chose a design that isn't typical "baby", as kids grow so fast you want a design that will still work 5 years down the road.  

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  1. avatar Analisha says:

    I love everything about this room! May I ask how wide your boards are in the spacing between each bored?

  2. avatar crownjules says:

    The link for the bird mobile from esty:) Hope that helps!

  3. avatar crownjules says:

    Sorry so late in responding….the bird mobile is made of real wood and fabric birds. Thank you for the kind comments.

  4. avatar crownjules says:

    Thank you for the comments:) The white wall is MDF panels, screwed and glued on the wall and then the entire wall was painted out in one colour.

  5. avatar acadena6 says:

    Hi Crownjules;

    Your room is adorable, may I ask if the bird mobile is all fabric or are the branches real? I cant find the shop on etsy.



  6. avatar acadena6 says:

    Hi Crownjules;

    Your room is adorable, may I ask if the bird mobile is all fabric or are the branches real? I cant find the shop on etsy.



  7. avatar proudcanadian204 says:

    Love the room, love the name…I have a Hudson too…Also nice to see a fellow Winnipeger on the site!!

  8. avatar lairdsmom says:

    May I ask what exactly is that white wall?  I love that texture!  The whole room is just beautiful!  Every bit of it!   That little Hudson is one lucky boy! 

  9. avatar crownjules says:

    I actually made the baby blocks myself, I purchased the wooden blocks from Michael’s and used scraps from the crib bedding and my test paint pots to paint and decoupage the fabric onto the blocks:)  You could find similar ones on Etsy though!

  10. avatar BriskRain says:

    5! 5! 5! All the way!

  11. avatar nrwnikki says:

    Love the color theme, really ties in nicely together.  Where did you get the baby name blocks – so cute!

  12. avatar crownjules says:

    Yes, it is MDF and it is 3/4 inch thick, which my husband thinks is too thick, 1/2 ” probably would have worked, but I wanted to make sure we had enough relief.

  13. avatar missvickie says:

    I love your room! Is it MDF panels you mounted on the white wall? If so, what thickness is it?

  14. avatar Amity says:

    One of the best rooms I’ve seen.  And I’ve been browsing the galleries since it started.  I so fell in love with this room :)

  15. avatar kmccrea says:

    The entire nursery looks great and the colors are wonderful love the mobile…

  16. avatar abbethune says:

    Gorgeous room! (I love the curtains!) I love that you stayed away from the traditional “boy” themes for your room and have a nice eclectic mix of fun things–we espoused the same philosophy for our son’s room. Like you said, great minds…!

  17. avatar Martinique says:

    Hi there CrownJules:

    I think you really found a treasure in that mobile.  That looks precious!

  18. avatar crownjules says:

    Thank you:)  The bus is actually from Homesense!  Which is a store we have in Canada that is like a TJ Maxx, but the entire store is just the home section!

  19. avatar mama4 says:

    Love the colors. Where did you get that cute double decker bus? It looks vintage.