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Hudson’s Nursery


We wanted something contemporary, and not too baby-ish, lol. It started with the wallpaper, and grew from there. We have incorporated old and new into this room and I love the way it feels.

Design Inspiration

The wallpaper was probably my inspiration.  I liked the mod feeling of it, and loved the colours.  We weren't sure whether we were having a boy or a girl at that point and I felt it was fairly gender neutral.

Decorating Style

I don't think I have a decorating style, I just try to put things in my space that I truly love; if you love everything in the room, you will love the room as a whole too. 

Project Details

There are a few DIY projects in this room:

1) painted the blue dresser - we decided to paint this a similar colour to the "keep calm and carry on" poster to tie things together.

2) sanded/stained/painted the change table.  This was a piece we used to have in our old apartment as a kitchen island. We finished it to compliment the crib.

3)I repurposed an old bed skirt (from a queen sized bed) for the crib bed skirt.

4) the boxes under the change table are bankers boxes that I covered in faux alligator vinyl. 

5)the curtains are from ikea and sewed the orange ribbon on top to tie it into the wallpaper.

Favorite Items

the wallpaper; the light; the glider (Rena by bestchairs) and the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster.


Use what you love!

Meredith k

Wednesday 18th of January 2012

Love the wallpaper! Where did you find it?


Tuesday 16th of August 2011

Where did you get those nice white picture frames? Great color combinations!


Thursday 3rd of February 2011

Hi Hazel06: Your humor worked too :)  I've showed this nursery to a cousin of mine who is due in June and she loved it!


Monday 31st of January 2011

Wow, those lights could have fooled me.  They don't look anything like plastic in the picture!  Thanks for answering and thanks for sharing this room :)


Tuesday 18th of January 2011

Love your white frames by the changing table. They'd look lovely if you get really nice prints that would attract your baby' attention while he gets his diapers changed.