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Hudson & Bryce’s Gross Birthday


A joint birthday party for my sons who are a year apart

Design Inspiration

They received an Ugly Monkey puppet for Christmas that makes gross noises.  The boys would belly laugh anytime they played with it, so it served as inspiration for this year's party.

Decorating Style

This party is very colorful, fun, and modern.

Project Details

Custom printables were created by Artsy Lydia on ETSY for a "cute" gross theme.

Most other items were purchases from Party On and Hobby Lobby.

Favorite Items

My favorite party item is the Ick Cream bar.  I love how the canopy resembled that of old ice cream vendors while oozing with slime.


When decorating any party, I find it easiest to gather one item for inspiration.  This will help you stay on track for style and colors.

Also, I try to use practical items such as plates, napkins, tablecloths to pull the look together so that you don't spend too much on decorations that may not get used again.

In this party's case, I used party favors as a kids' activity so that also helped to save costs.

Lastly, choose a theme that you love!  All  of the kids had so much fun!


Monday 20th of July 2015

This is totally genius and hysterical at the same time!! I bet the boys had a blast. Thanks so munch for sharing.