Mini Nursery in a Master Bedroom

  • How We Created a Mini Nursery in Our Attic Dormer

  • Mini Crib in Nursery Corner

  • Master Bedroom Nursery Corner Nursing Station

  • Nursing Station in the Master Bedroom Nursery Nook

  • Small Space Nursery Solutions



We found out we were pregnant with baby #3 while in the thick of restoring our 120 year old historic home. We didn't want to undertake the hassle of converting an entire room into a nursery for a little more than a year, so we decided to create a "mini nursery" in the attic dormer of our third floor master bedroom! I really love how it turned out and how we were able to utilize special items like mini cribs and heirloom furniture pieces to make a gender neutral space that works while we need it but can later be repurposed throughout our home.

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