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Holland’s Nursery


Dramatic wall mural for a baby girl's nursery.

Design Inspiration

I was inspired by the Glenna Jean McKenzie Bedding. I used bits and pieces of the bedding and transferred the design onto the walls.

Decorating Style

Mix and Match. I don't like things too "matchy-matchy." I like to find an inspiration piece or fabric and then expand the idea. It takes a little longer for me to decorate a room this way, but I feel more ownership of my room when I'm done.

Project Details

I bought pieces of the Glenna Jean McKenzie bedding from "Baby Super Mall" website.

I didn't want the whole bedding and all the extras. I bought the bedskirt, mobile, and blanket only. The sheets that came with the bedding were white. I wanted more color so I found some red sheets at Babies R Us.  I was inspired by the black and white polka dot pillow pictured online. I found a similar pillow at Hobby Lobby for only $10. I used a custom made polka dot bumper and found some polka dot ribbon at Hobby Lobby that I used for curtain tie backs and to hang the canvas letters. For specific DYI, click on each picture.

Favorite Items

My favorite item was the wall mural. It was such a dramatic touch. I didn't have to add any additional wall art.


Adding a mural can be easy.  If you can trace and color in the lines, you can do it too! You can draw out your design and use a projector to blow it up on your wall or you could hook up a projector to a computer and trace a picture from the internet directly on your wall. If you don't have access to a projector, ask a teacher. They may be able to let you borrow theirs over the weekend. The old overhead projectors and transparency papers will work too. Just trace or print your picture or design onto the transparency paper and copy it on you wall in pencil first then go back over it with a black sharpie before you paint.


Wednesday 17th of July 2013

Hi. I am planning to also use the McKenzie bedding. What exactly did you use as your blueprint to trace the flowers/murals? I am wanting to make 3 12x12 framed photos. Thanks in advance.


Saturday 28th of January 2012

The mural's indeed dramatic and quite a daring choice. With it, there sure wouldn't be any dull or boring moment.