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Her colors are blush and bashful…


I've had so much fun creating this beautiful nursery for my 2nd adopted child from South Korea. It has helped me get through the wait to gather pretty things to put in her nursery. I wanted to create a room that was girly and pretty, and I also incorporated sweet Asian accents throughout. I love finding bargains, and not one single thing in the room was full price!

Design Inspiration

"China Doll" bedding from Whistle and Wink. I designed the room around it. A few weeks later I found the pillow on Hautelook and the room was born!

Decorating Style

Feminine, pretty, little of this and that, shabby chic

Project Details

I spent 4 months scouring Zulily and Hautelook for daily deals that I loved. I also spent a lot of time looking a nurseries online!

Favorite Items

I love the Asian girl pillow, the pagoda lamp, and the Asian toile bedding


Search for things you love over time instead of getting a matching set of everything.

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  1. avatar mjesse says:

    Xbeltre–the shoe rack and storage boxes in the closet were a daily deal on Zulily. I believe the brand is the Macbeth collection.

    KelleJoya–The dress form was inherited from my mom. She got it online (some daily deal website) this past year. Sorry so vague. I can’t ask her because she passed away in Dec.

  2. avatar KelleJoya says:

    I feel the same way BriskRain does. I have nothing but admiration for parents who welcome kids from other cultures and other race into their homes and give them the love and care they need. So Angelina Jolie! I really love the room, by the way. I think that dress form is really cute. Where did you get it?

  3. avatar mrsaussie1010 says:

    what a beautiful room

  4. avatar xbeltre says:

    Love this room! Where did you get the shoe rack and storage boxes in the closet?

  5. avatar mjesse says:

    Another Steel Magnolias fan! ;) I just had to do it! That phrase has been running through my mind ever since we decided on a light pink/darker pink color scheme.

  6. avatar says:

    Such a sweet room! And your title made me laugh out loud! :)

  7. avatar BriskRain says:

    Beautiful room! I think that it’s nice you incorporated Asian accents into this space so the little girl will have something to identify herself with. It was really sweet of you to go out of your way. I really admire people who adopt kids from other countries and change even just one little life for the better.