Henry’s Woodland Nursery

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Neutral Woodland Wonders

Design Inspiration

    • Project Nursery
    • Etsy


Decorating Style

DIY when possible and only buy what you love.

Project Details

DIY: Hanging branch- there are lots of pretty bird mobiles online but they are so expensive. I found this driftwood branch at Marshalls and I used little flowers and birds from Hobby Lobby to decorate it and hung it with clear wire. I used my Cricut machine to cut laminate and make the heart on the tree (which stands for me and my husbands initials and also for "everyone loves Henry") and the accents on the windows. I bought neutral cubby bins at Target and used wool felt to decorate them. I then hand stitched them to give them a more finished look. Fyi: it is much easier to trace or draw on the back of the felt first before cutting and use a glue gun to adhere. I used wall Velcro to adhere the lion to the picture frame without the glass which has a cool 3d look in person. The bears on the lamps are cut out of paper and adhered to the interior of the lamp.

Favorite Items

Favorite items: I love the bear pillow ( which is double sided) and the koala tree decal. I worried about what I could use because I was so scared to put anything on the wall that could fall in the crib.


Don't buy everything at baby stores when there are so many options online. You can find wonderfully made, one of a kind pieces on Etsy. And to save money on art for your walls, use pages from books with beautiful art or fun greeting cards instead. So Good For Little Bunnies and Hondo and Fabian are two books that are good examples.


  1. 1

    Hello, i am expecting my first child on November 28th! I look at the nurseries on a daily basis. Today I saw yours and I think its one of the sweetest and one of my favorites. I love everything about it. I am curious also about the clothing you have for your son. From what I see, we have alot of the same taste. I would love for my son to have some of the same pieces. Do you mind me asking where you shop for his clothing?

  2. 2

    Hi Jennifer,
    Congrats on your baby! I also look at the nurserys on PN everyday and I feel honored that mine Is one of your favorites. How sweet :)
    Now the white onesies are all ones that I have made. You just get printable iron on pages and print, cut and iron whatever you want onto a white background. I am a big crafter, so I actually used a Cricut Imagine to print the ones that I have pictured. If you need more info just let me know :)

  3. 3


    Is there a certain one you like? I have a bunch that I have already printed out and I could send them to you and you would just need to iron them on.

  4. 4

    We are both nominated for project of the week! Exciting… Too funny webothbought the tissue holder from gnome sweet gnome! Ha

  5. 5
  6. 6

    Hi there! I LOVE your nursery! It’s very inspiring!

    I wanted to know the color of paint you used for the walls. It’s a really beautiful color.


  7. 7

    Thanks Rachel!

    The color is called Silverberry and it can be purchased at Wal Mart. It’s my favorite color and seems to go with just about everything.

  8. 8

    Holly and Eric,
    Your Nursery theme using the Koala Bears and the soft muted colors is simply elegant. It looks wonderful! Best wishes!

    Aunt Regina

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  12. 12

    I love the koalas! I love that they are a little more unique. The wall color is so soothing, and I am amazed with everything you did yourself. There are so many special little touches. I really appreciate the tip about the fabric bins because I have been searching for the “right” ones for my changing table and so far nothing is really working so I love this idea. Also really like the way you hung the frames over the changing table, it made such an interesting shape all together.

  13. 13
  14. 14

    My goodness…so, SO lovely. Fantastic job, girl. That sweet babe has a precious place to come home to. Hope he arrives so safe and sound. Take care!


  15. 15
  16. 16

    Hey there,

    Henry’s room is fabulous! I love it! I also love the color you chose for the walls. Do you happen to remember the brand and color used?



  17. 17

    Okay, I should have read the comments before I started typing. I see that its called silverberry.

  18. 18
  19. 19

    This is such an amazing job you and Eric have done!! I am super stoked for you and my cousin! You can tell that you put this nursery together with so much love. Congrats and I know your son will be cozy in this room! God bless!!!

  20. 20
  21. 21

    Hey Holly,
    You have done an awesome job with your nursery! It is my favorite on PN so far :)
    I love DIY projects too and I have two questions:
    1. Do you think vinyl decals will stick to the cubby bins that you have from target? I love what you have done with the felt and I had some decals left over and I was wondering if I could do that with the cubbies? Not sure if they will stick to fabric.

    2. Where did you get that owl rug.. seems like it is a rug, but not sure what it is really all i know is it is awesome :)

  22. 22


    Hi Neha,

    The owl rug is made by Peanut Butter Dynamite on Etsy and I don’t think vinyl decals would stick to the top of fabric bins. They would go on a wood bin though. You may also be able to put the decals on a dresser or the windows.

    Thanks for your kind words,


  23. 23
  24. 24

    I <3 your nursery especially all your handmade touches they really make the room so special. I have been considering order the Soho dresser/change table you have from Walmart and I am unable to find any reviews. Are you happy with the dresser? Many thanks,

  25. 25


    Putting the dresser together made my husband THE most frustrated I have ever seen him. He has put a lot of furniture together over the last few years, but I think he worked on this for two days. The directions were poorly written and the furniture pieces were not labeled clearly. I like it now that it’s done, but at the time I wished that I had chosen one with good reviews or one that is already put together.

    Hope this helps,


  26. 26
  27. 27

    LOVE the work you did and all the information you shared, especially love the paint color! I read the comments that its silverberry, but the paint sample i found online looked more tinted purple, did it look that way to you as well?? thanks for sharing!! :)

  28. 28


    It is called something different now but it still has silver in the name. It’s on the long strips that have 4-5 colors each. We have City Gray in another room and it’s almost identical (also from wal mart.)

  29. 29

    I love your nursery, the colors are lovely and soothing! I love everything you did, especially all your DIY projects, the bear lamps and the fabric bins with the felt animals. Can you share a little bit more on how you did the bins? Did you print out the animals or hand draw them? Did you use the cricut? I have one and am hoping this is the case. Thanks!

  30. 30


    I tried to use the Cricut to cut the felt but it didn’t work out so I had to cut the images out on paper first and then trace/cut the felt with that. Hope this helps.

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