Henry’s Nursery

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We live in a small house just outside of Washington, DC. Since our space for the nursery is small, we had to make use of every nook and cranny! We wanted a room that was masculine yet not too "babyish". We went for warm, neutral colors and used a blue/green and brick red as the accent colors. It is a blend of contemporary and traditional. This is our favorite room in the house!

Design Inspiration

I found a carpet I liked (through Flor) and everything else sort of fell into place.  

Decorating Style

contemporary, traditional

Project Details

Furniture was purchased from Walmart and JC Penney.  Carpet from Flor.  Rocking chair/recliner from Lazy Boy.  

Favorite Items

The rocking chair is so comfortable, but my favorite items are the hanging initials that I made as well as the mobile that I made to hang over the baby's bed.  


Keep looking at other nurseries and rooms until you find something that sparks your interest and then go from there!


ps - if you want to see more pictures, I have it posted on my site as well:  From Single to Married-  Nursery


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    My husband was looking over my shoulder as I went through this room, and he quipped, why couldn’t you make my study like that :)  He loves it, and I love it as well. Good choice of pieces here, and it’s very very lovely!

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    This room looks like something that Henry could grow into well into his teenage years.  I love the mobile that you made… very chaotic but still very eye-catching.

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