Henry’s Nursery

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This project is my sons nursery that i created and painted. I put a lot of love into it. This is my second child, but my first boy. My daughter is like a diva so this was my change to do boy colors and animals.

Design Inspiration

Alot of different things...I painted one wall like a giraffe from an outfit I loved!! Plus i just love the jungle look. 

Decorating Style

Well I am no proffessional. I worked on a Budget.

Project Details

I love my CoCaLo monkey mobile. I purchased my crib, rocking chair and ottoman at babies r us. www.babiesrus.com Some of my decorative blankets and pillows I made and some I purchased on www.etsy.com Most of the giraffes I used for decor I got from www.babiesrus.com and FAO. One handmade picture I had made with his name was from www.bitsycreations.com Some of the smaller animals were from www.carters.com I found some really cute sites that i got ideas from www.projectnursery.com :) which i viewed other nurseries to see how they were put together. I also used  www.google.com to look at wall stickers of trees to see how i would paint it.

Favorite Items

My favorite item would be his diaper changing table that I picked up in my community neighborhood yardsale over the summer I was pregnant. I painted it white again and painted a giraffe print all over it, then painted his name on the front to make it more personalized. I also love all the giraffes!


Everything was painted by free hand. My advice would to be use some kind of giraffe printed item and try to re-copy it on the wall. Always trace first then paint ;)


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    Mrs. Hernandez, this is some lovely work. I really enjoyed the giraffe wall. It seems like a professional went in there and did it. Surprised at so much you can do on a budget.

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    I love the fact that you did all this yourself! Without a designer coming in. It’s beautiful!

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