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Henry’s Nursery


A diy-laden mix of contemporary and vintage.

Design Inspiration

The room was inspired by the colors in the bedding.

Decorating Style

I love diy, eclectic, contemporary, and especially mid-century modern.  My husband calls our style eclectic funk.

Project Details

The crib, rocking chair, dressers, hanging lamp, and Gustav print are all from Ikea (  However, I modified the crib by adding the wood endcaps, painted orange (the original structure of the crib still exists under the endcaps, so as not to create any safety issues).  I found the idea by searching the web for "Ikea hack gulliver crib." The rug is an online purchase from Wal-Mart (, and the wall paint color is Treasured Jade, from a no VOC brand called The Freshaire Choice, sold at Home Depot (  The column of argyle was a carefully measured, taped, and hand-painted labor of love.  I also made the valance from a vintage houndstooth fabric I searched the web for and finally found on Etsy.

Favorite Items

The "moonbeams in a jar" collages are my favorite for sentimental memories that remind me of my grandfather (as well as my husband of his father) singing this old Bing Crosby song.  I also love the origami cranes that my husband folded and the colorful drawing above the dresser.  My husband created that picture years ago in highschool, and our first date occured because I asked him if I could interview him about the piece for a college art class I was taking.  Now we're having our first baby together- maybe because of the role that picture played!


My approach is just to tie pieces together through a color story.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but if you love it, that is all that matters!

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  1. avatar CreativeCrumbs says:

    The paper cranes mobile is just so adorable! And the paintings. All these art pieces give your simple nursery that WOW factor.

  2. avatar PrincessRaina says:

    Oh wow! The details and the artworks in this nursery are amazing! I love the Mother and Child piece. Fabulous colors!

  3. avatar tl77 says:

    Bethtamar- you can find detailed instructions to make the crib endcaps here:

    and here:

    However, BEWARE: the measurements provided did not work properly to fit the crib!  I assumed they were correct and had all the wood cut accordingly, only to find out they did not correspond with the dimensions of the crib.  Four different attempts to salvage the wood cut (with as many trips to the local Home Depot) finally resulted in what you see in the pics, but I would have saved a lot of time and headache had I checked the measurements first!

  4. avatar bethtamar says:

    I love the orange wood endcaps on the crib! Did you make them or buy them? Where can I find more information on how to do this?

    Thanks! I love your nursery-it is inspiring! 

  5. avatar gt7466a says:

    Thanks for the leads on the bedding and changing pad cover, tl77 and jenbucheli!!

  6. avatar tl77 says:

    Jenbucheli is correct- the bedding is Little Tree by Migi and the quality is excellent.  Besides being available on Amazon, you can find it online at Target, Sears, and Walmart, among other retailers.  I only mention this because aside from price differences, you might be able to ship-to-store at a place like Walmart, and then return it to the store if it doesn’t work for you, saving all sorts of shipping fees!

    gt7644a- the changing pad cover is part of the Carter’s Laguna collection and I found it at Babies “R” Us.  They also have matching crib sheets, which we bought for a back up.

    Thanks for the kind words!

    p.s. the inside of the crib bumper is corduroy- a delightful surprise!

  7. avatar jenbucheli says:

    I have the same bedding.  It is Little Tree by Migi, I got mine at  It is so cute and really good quality.

  8. avatar polkadotpeacock says:

    I absolutely adore the paper cranes mobile. Love what they symbolize; love how beautifully they dress up the room.

    I am also sooo curious where the crib bedding came from… I thought I had seen it all but I’ve never seen this one and love it!

  9. avatar gt7466a says:

    Wow! Looks great! I just joined to ask you these questions…where did you get your crib bedding and the changing pad cover from?

  10. avatar jenbucheli says:

    I love your nursery!  I have the same bedding in my son’s nursery.  It is so cool to see what other people come up with for the same bedding.  Very nice!

  11. avatar crownjules says:

    Great job:)  I love the argyle wall!  And awesome idea for updating the “gulliver” crib!