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Hello Little One


Welcome to our little lady's calm, soothing nursery.

Design Inspiration

I wanted something simple and clean yet bright.  I really gravitated toward white and yellow.  It's strange because I typically do not like yellow but I absolutely fell in love with the fabric for the cornices and used that as my starting point.

Decorating Style

Simple, modern, bright, clean.  I hate clutter so I really made an effort to keep it as simple as possible.  

Project Details

Dresser - Ikea and I changed the knobs. I purchased the knobs from Anthropologie to add some fun color to the piece.

Lamp - Target

Chandelier - Target

Metal tote on dresser - Serena and Lily.  This actually matches the pattern on the crib sheets.

Wooden Blocks - You are my sunshine & I love you just the way you are -


Bedding- Serena and Lily

Gray Owl Stuffed Animal & Mobile -

Wall Decor (with the exception of the wooden blocks) - purchased from Etsy.  Aqua bird decals purchased from Etsy also.  I had the four paintings (turtle, bird, penguin and inchworm) custom made from a seller on Etsy.  I still need to hang these above the crib.

Wall Color - Benjamin Moore Bamboo Shoot - the swatch is a pale brownish color put it looks gray on the wall.  The gray works well with the yellow geometric pattern on the cornices.

Chair - My sister in law gave me her old glider and we had it reupholstered in white fabric.  Pillow on chair was custom made to match cornices.

Crib - CSN baby

Favorite Items

The cornices and the two block prints from Numsi.  I fell in love with the simplicity of the square blocks and as I mentioned the fabric for the cornices just made me smile.  I also adore the Wheaten Terrier print in aqua, which I purchased from Etsy as well and the La La Love You print also from Etsy.


Follow your heart and your gut.  You don't need to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful space for your little one.  Etsy was my best friend throughout my decorating journey.  

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  1. avatar AngelsBreath says:

    Am I right in understanding that you got those “I love you just the way your are” and “you are my sunshine” and “La La Love You” prints from Numsi?  

    Has you Little Lady come yet???

  2. avatar Dandelion says:

    I soooo love that grey owl, so nice, so cute, so unique!  A definite Layla Grace design! :)  Great choices of green, yellow and white here :)

  3. avatar _meganORSI__ says:

    I’m so jealous of your wall color! I had been searching for a light grey that would go well with the tan carpet in our nursery. The first grey I painted showed waaay too powdered blue for my liking, and the second is too close to white :-(  This looks just perfect! I wish I had the energy to attemp painting the nursery for a third time ;-) But I love the color -scheme and decor – very clean, simple and sophisticated. Also, thanks for sharing the closet organizer. Looks like I’ll be off to IKEA!

  4. avatar becandbro says:

    Thank so much for the nice comments.  :)  I purchased the rug at  The photos from Etsy – Lucy and Tor.  Here is the link:

    I chandelier was purchased about 2 years ago for one of the other rooms in my house.  I never  ended up using it and pulled it out of the garage recently for the baby’s room.   

  5. avatar CreativeCrumbs says:

    I love the clean lines, the room seems immaculately clean! And don’t worry about the yellow… I fell in love with it too.

  6. avatar dkmurphy16 says:

    I love the four green illustrations from Etsy…do you mind giving me the name of the vendor.  They would be so perfect in my daughters nursery!

    You’ve done an amazing job!

  7. avatar rekcumhcs says:

    Love it!  Where did you get the rug?

  8. avatar jcrabtree says:

    Love the room!  I especially like the ceiling mounted light fixture.  I looked on Target’s website and can’t find it,  do you happen to know the name of the fixture? It would be perfect for my nursery.  Thanks!

  9. avatar becandbro says:

    I purchased the entire closet system at Ikea.  I think it was about $130 – well worth it!.  Good luck.

  10. avatar osurph says:

    Looks great!!  Would you mind sharing where you bought the closet organization system?  Thanks!  : )

  11. avatar mychael13 says:

    So pretty!