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Heigh-ho Heigh-ho to Kora’s 1st birthday we go!


Since the birth of my daughter my husband and I wanted to have all the Disney classic movies for her to watch and grow up with. As her birthday grew closer I knew I wanted something earthly, vintage and storybook. The 1st thought that popped into my head was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. So I got to work watching the movie over and over again and the internet became my best friend. The invitation was designed to look like storybook inviting guests to come to our cottage. Once they arrived the guest were welcome with a sign to enter the enchanted forest. For the favors each kid received a wooden basket filled with an apple sippy cup, bubbles, an organic lollipop and a crayon roll. During the party the kids had fun drawing and playing in the coloring cottage, and in the family playroom that contained a tent, toys, and a ball pit. Each table was covered in a rustic burlap cloth, firewood and one of the seven dwarfs. For the outside dessert table I decided to recreate the Dwarf's mine and filled with sparkly jewel-like sweets for the kids and adults to indulge in!

Project Details


styling & event design:




wood cut-outs:


wood signs and labels:




cake and cookies:


cupcakes and bars:


drink dispensers:




wood baskets for favors:


apple sippy cups:


crayon roll:


gift tags:


burlap bags:


tables and linen rentals:


chair rentals:


coloring cottage: