A Harry Potter Inspired Nursery

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A magical Harry Pottery inspired nursery for our baby boy to grow up  in for many years to come. We hope it unleashes the imagination of our little one's mind and becomes a comfortable space to sleep, play and dream.

Design Inspiration

This nursery was inspired by the magic and love for the Harry Potter series.

Decorating Style

Traditional with modern touches

Favorite Items

The mural made the vision and the space come alive with magic!


Start with a main source of inspiration such as a mural or piece of fabric . Then use wonderful sites like this to get inspired. I always had a picture of the mural and fabric samples with me when I went shopping. Slowly collect items that will fill in the spaces along the way.


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    How did you do that mural!? Was it free hand? I love it so I am curious I have been planning on doing a Harry Potter nursery if I had a boy so I have been looking for things for awhile now.

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    Hi Jennifer. Sorry I don’t check this page very often now that motherhood is in full swing. :) I hired a talented muralist in my area, Rudy Drapiza. His website is http://www.drapizagallery.com. It was such a great experience as well. I watched him work over the course of three full days go from just a chalk outline to layering on colors to make my vision come to life with just house paint. Such a talented artist! Have fun creating your future nursery.

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    Hi Molly and thank you for the compliment. I had such a blast creating this space for my now 3 month year old! I ordered the fabric for the crib sheet from the Spoonflower website. They have many creative Harry Potter inspired fabric designs to choose from. Then I bought a pattern (Simplicity 3795) from the local fabric store (Joanne) and my mom used that piece of the pattern to make the crib sheet. Hope this helps! Happy decorating :) – Michelle

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    Love this room! Where did you get the baskets in the bottom of the closet? They look like the perfect size.

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    where did you get the baskets from that are in the closet? also where did you find the chalkboard labels?

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    I absolutely am in love with this nursery! I am not pregnant yet, but my husband and I plan on starting soon! Outside of the mural wall (which is gorgeous) what colors are the walls? Are they grey? Tan? Hiring a muralist would probably not be in the budget so I was planning on getting a canvas of hogwarts castle; so do you think grey crib on grey wall would be too much? I really like the idea of grey furniture.

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    Hi. I absolutely love your nursery and am finding such inspiration while designing mine. Can I ask, what twin did you use in your collage area? I haven’t found a decent one other that the actual hogwarts express from universal.
    Thank you

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    I’m expecting in March 2017, my first :) and we’re doing a Harry Potter nursery too! Love your style. What are the wall colors you used?

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    Where did you get the image for the mural? Also did you have someone paint it or was it done as a big wallpaper?

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    I absolutely love this Harry Potter Murial and would love to know where and how I can go about getting the same as I am currently underway with our baby room!

    Thank you

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    I love the wonderful room you created for your son! It will grow with him for many years. I would like to find the Hogwarts express art, but am having trouble getting the link to work. Do you have contact info for the seller?

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