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Harper’s Vintage Schoolhouse 1st Birthday


To celebrate my daughter Harper turning one I created this Vintage Schoolhouse inspired 1st Birthday Party! I made all of the dessert table treats which included a Rose Cake, Pencil Cake Pops, Cake Balls, ABC Squares and lots more ;) I created the look and feel that I wanted by mixing vintage items and serving pieces throughout the party. You can also view the full party post on my site;

Design Inspiration

I LOVE all things vintage! The inspiration for this party theme came from some original Dick & Jane paper dolls that have been in parent's attic for years.

That's where it started - LOL! The rest of the party planning and decorations stemmed from there.

Decorating Style

I like to blend vintage and antique items in our home decor and in most party planning. I just love the character and history a vintage item brings to any setting or event.

Project Details

I created a tutorial on my website so you can make your own Apple Pencil Cake Pops! They were perfect with our Vintage Schoolhouse theme....but they would also make GREAT Teacher Appreciation Gifts!

I was really happy with how the cakes turned out. I used a tutorial posted by Amanda and i am baker for a Rose Cake. It was simple and sweet and went with the feel of the party perfectly!

I had a lot of fun making the bunting garland. I bought some vintage feedsack quilt squares for the fabric. It was fun to try something new....I'm not skilled with a sewing maching by any means...but they were functional ;)

Another fun project we created for this party was a chalkboard table for the kiddos...super easy and super fun! Plus, we've gotten tons of use out of it after the party ;)

Favorite Items

I adore the outfit I found for Harper! I wanted something that went with the theme and found the perfect vintage party dress on etsy!

The invitations and coordinating printables were designed by Anders Ruff Custom Designs. I LOVE what they created, the printables really brought the party together. The line created for our party is now availble to purchase too!

I also really love how the Pencil Pops turned out...they were so fun to make and a BIG hit with the kiddos ;)


Start planning early! Everyone I know thinks I'm crazy when I announce a party theme months in advance...but then you have the time to pay attention to all the little details and search for those perfect items!

It really is all in the details ;)

I already had a lot of the vintage items that we incorporated into the decorations of this party around the house. Take a walk through your home and try to see things might have something perfect for your event that's already comfy in your home!


Tuesday 26th of June 2012

How did you do the rose cake? It's my daughters 1st birthday in a month, I'd loooovvve to make that for her!


Tuesday 26th of April 2011

That vintage school chair is adorable! I like how you made it a table decoration to really emphasize your vintage schoolhouse theme.


Tuesday 19th of April 2011

Cool theme. I think this is the first vintage schoolhouse birthday party theme I've come across. You did an amazing job with the details.