Harper’s Nursery

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A eclectic yet functional space.

Design Inspiration

Grey and yellow! I chose the dresser from Ikea before anything else and things just went from there.

Decorating Style

Eclectic, comfortable, simple, affordable. I like things that don't look super "matchy" and things that will last; however I don't mind turning trash to treasure with a can of spray paint!

Project Details

Spray paint! A quick coat of paint can make anything look new (or old -- depending on what your going for!).

Favorite Items

The silhouettes (I plan to move them to the master bedroom when H decides she doesn't want Mommy and Daddy's picture in her room anymore) are a favorite. I also LOVE the dresser from Ikea, the trees from Etsy and the bedding from babybedding.com.


Look around...take your time. I felt a lot of pressure to build the nursery over a weekend, but pulling the pieces together over several months has given us a room we love and hope baby will love for years to come!


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    Very elegant and clean-looking room. I love the striped ceiling, the wall decal, and the mix-and-match furniture. Everything looks pretty and classy together.

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    i love everything about this room! Yes pls, share where you scored the glider…or did you (re)make it. Thanks! :)

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    The rocker is actually a family piece that had recovered. I found the glider ottoman at Target on sale for $20! I used fabric remnants from the chair to cover the ottoman.

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    Beautiful Rocker!!!! I think that and the yellow strips on the ceiling are my favorite parts.

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    I love this nursery…it’s sooo cute! What paint color did you use for gray and yellow? Please :0) Thanks

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    What a STUNNING room!! It is Fabulous!! I, like so many others, would love to know what brand and color of paints you used, specifically the gray. Great job!!

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    Love the nursery!!!! What color of yellow paint did you use on the ceiling?

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    Just found your nursery as a pin on Pinterest. I love the rocking chair! I know you said it was a family piece, but I’m on the hunt for one just like it… any ideas or leads on where to find one would be much appreciated!

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