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Harper’s Floral Whimsy Nursery


When I found out I was having a girl, I knew I wanted to go GIRLY! After a very rough-and-tumble boy, I knew it was time for florals and pinks. My jumping off point was the gorgeous Jolie Wallpaper from The Project Nursery Shop. Heart eyes for days! I quickly decided that everything else needed to be fairly neutral with a very clean design and minimal pattern and wall decor. We wanted a very soft gray paint color with pops of gold and just a little bit of pink.

My favorite part of the nursery has to be the gorgeous wallpaper, but a close second is the super-sweet hand-lettered name wall sign from Six Eleven Co. A few other notes - I tried ordering several different more budget-friendly drapes, but ultimately landed with RH Baby & Child's drapes, which were a bit of an investment for me (hello high ceilings!) but were SO worth it. They are amazing quality and block the light so perfectly during nap time.

I fell for the Babyletto Hudson crib long ago and think that it's clean lines and modern look are perfect paired with the whimsical floral wallpaper.

I'm always looking for ways to stay a little more organized so the baby shoe organizer DIY was a fun project. Take a simple tension rod and small curtain hooks, spray paint them gold (if you like gold as much as me!) and hang your baby shoes for easy finding. Side note: the shelves above the glider were another easy project - bought them from IKEA and spray painted the brackets (originally silver) gold for a chic look.

What a fun project was for this to work on for our sweet baby girl!


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  1. avatar Meaghan says:

    Where did you get the closet organizers and the shoe holders for the closet?

  2. avatar Lauren Benson says:

    @Lory Butler – it’s actually a metal round indoor/outdoor drum table from Target. I don’t think they still carry the exact one, but could probably find a similar style. Hope this helps!

  3. avatar Lory Butler says:

    What about the white “table” looks like white plastic? love it!

  4. avatar Whitney says:

    Where are the floating book shelves from and what are they called ?

  5. @Julie WIllenkin – The window is actually quite narrow! I extended the curtain rod to give the illusion of a larger window, but I’m sure I got the 50 inch. Two 50 inch panels for a 36 inch wide window was plenty! Thanks so much, appreciate the kind words!

  6. avatar Lauren Benson says:

    @Julie WIllenkin – The window is actually quite narrow! I extended the curtain rod to give the illusion of a larger window, but I’m sure I got the 50 inch. Two 50 inch panels for a 36 inch wide window was plenty! Thanks so much, appreciate the kind words!

  7. avatar Julie Willenkin says:

    Hi! Do you know what size (width) of drapery panels you purchased to achieve that amount of fullness/gathering as well as the total width of your window? RC drapery is available in a width of either 50” or 100”. I absolutely love how full your panels look + the degree of gathering and am hoping to recreate that look in my daughter’s nursery! Thank you!!

  8. avatar Suzy says:

    Hi Beth, I want to purchase the Hemnes dresser for my daughter’s first baby. Did you attach the changing topper to the back of the dresser? If so is there a trick or hack to do so? I don’t know if there is enough wood on the back to dill into. Thank you,

  9. avatar Kristen says:

    Hi, can you tell me which white stain you got on the Ikea dresser? I’m looking to get the dresser but unsure of the white or white stain? I am getting a white crib. Thank you!!!

  10. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Amy! You can get the clothes dividers here!

  11. avatar Amy says:

    Where are the clothes dividers from ? I am totally loving this nursery !!!

  12. avatar Sara S says:

    Hi! What color glider did you end up going with? The bleach white? Thanks!

  13. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Virginia, It looks like Target doesn’t carry this color option any more.

  14. avatar Virginia Swope says:

    Did you stain the book shelves? can’t find that color in Target

  15. avatar Ashley says:

    What size is the faux sheepskin rug?

  16. avatar Lauren Benson says:

    Hi Ashley, Thank you! I believe I used the hardware that came with the curtains and then got brass curtain rings to attach to those. Hope this makes sense!

  17. avatar Ashley says:

    First of love this room and I am using very similar color palettes. I bought the same curtains and maybe I’m not thinking clearly but how did you use the rings on the panel?

  18. avatar Lauren Benson says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    It’s Benjamin Moore Barren Plain.

  19. avatar Jennifer says:

    What is the name of the gray paint color?

  20. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Chantel, It’s the Puffin in Bloom collection.

  21. avatar Chantel says:

    Hello! I looked through all the comments and no one asked, where are the books from on the shelves? I have a little space left on my floating shelves and love the way those look!

  22. avatar Lindsay Martin says:

    Nvm! I see it says Target now. Thanks!

  23. avatar Lindsay says:

    Love this look. Where is the tall gold lamp from?


  24. avatar Lauren Benson says:

    @Lauren – It was Brass. Curtain Rings from Amazon! Thanks!

  25. avatar Lauren says:

    Hi did you purchase the “brass” or the “brushed brass” window hardware? And where did you get the curtain rings? Thank you!

  26. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Erin, They are the Puffin in Bloom collection.

  27. avatar Erin says:

    Love the nursery! Where did you get the classical version of the books on the shelf?

  28. avatar Beth says:

    It’s Benjamin Moore Barren Plain.

  29. avatar Michelle says:

    Stunning. What is the colour of your grey paint?

  30. avatar Lauren says:

    @Jessica – It’s the Nora Swivel Glider. Wayfair must be redirecting the link because they are sold out.

  31. avatar Jessica says:

    Love this! Can you tell me where you got the glider from and what it is called please?

  32. avatar Lauren says:

    @Kelsey – The changing pad is just a standard one purchased from Buy Buy Baby!

  33. avatar Kelsey says:

    Hi there – I have the same Ikea dresser and am looking to purchase the changing table topper that you used by Da Vinci. I was wondering where you purchased the changing table pad that fit so nicely into the table topper? Thank you!

  34. avatar Beth says:

    It’s the Nora Swivel Glider. Wayfair must be redirecting the link because they are sold out.

  35. avatar Lindsay says:

    Do you happen to know the name of the glider from Wayfair? The links just take you to all gliders, not that specific one…

  36. avatar Samantha says:

    Such a beautiful nursery! Where did you purchase the side table next to the crib?

  37. avatar Ash says:

    Oh, no way, perfect! Thank you so much!

  38. avatar Lauren says:

    Hi Ash, Its actually part of the wooden sign from Six Eleven Co, not a separate frame. Hope this helps!

  39. avatar Ash says:

    Hi Lauren.

    I was wondering where you purchased the frame your ‘Harper’ print is in?

    Thank you so much!

  40. avatar Lauren says:

    @Megan – unfortunately, the scalloped edge crib skirt is no longer available.

    @Faith – The drawer pulls are from Hobby Lobby!

  41. avatar Faith says:

    Where did you get the drawer pulls for the dresser? I love them!

  42. avatar Megan says:

    Hi – love this nursery! I tried to click the links posted above for the crib skirt, but they aren’t working. Is the crib skirt still available / can you share the info?


  43. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Anna, It’s Benjamin Moore paint in Barron Plain.

  44. avatar Anna says:

    Hi! Does anyone know the name of the paint color and where I can purchase? TIA!

  45. avatar Lauren Benson says:

    @Ash, it’s from IKEA!

  46. avatar Ash says:

    Where is the fur that’s on the back of the glider from? I can’t seem to find small ones anywhere. Thank you!

  47. avatar Lauren Benson says:

    Hi @Jessi, the bookends are passed down from my grandmother. But I would scour thrift stores and break out the gold spray paint for a similar look!

  48. avatar Jessi says:

    Hello, where did you get the bookends?

  49. avatar Beth says:

    It’s actually meant to hold magazines! Lauren spray painted it gold. It was not recently purchased, but maybe that will help you in your search for finding something similar.

  50. avatar Linda says:

    Where did you get the gold basket for the swaddle blankets, it’s so cute!

  51. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Jill,

    Lauren has the white dresser from IKEA. She says it’s not an exact match (the dresser is a little creamier than the crib) but with them on opposite sides of the room, she really doesn’t notice. I can tell you that I have the same dresser in white stain and it is more of a true white, but the finish is not glossy like the white. Good luck with your nursery! We hope you’ll add it to our gallery. We love seeing nurseries that were inspired by other nurseries!

  52. avatar Jill says:

    Hi there! I am in love with your nursery and am totally copying it for our baby girl! Just wondering, for the IKEA dresser, did you get “white stain” or “white”? We have purchased the Babyletto Hudson crib all ready and I want to be sure the dresser matches. Thank you!!

  53. avatar Lauren Benson says:

    Hi Lisa, Beth is right! But there are two sizes, so wondering if you picked up the smaller size brackets and maybe the larger size shelves? Good luck!

  54. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Lisa, I believe it’s this set, which includes the brackets and shelf together. There’s this set too, which is shorter.

  55. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Irene, Here’s a link to the rug.

  56. avatar Irene says:

    Hi was wondering where you got the rug from? I love it

  57. avatar Lisa says:

    Hi there,
    I bought an ikea shelf and those brackets to spray paint but apparently I bought the wrong size thickness of the shelf because the brackets are too big. Do you happen to know what shelf you used?

  58. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Holly, You can find the rug here.

  59. avatar Holly says:

    Where did you find the rug? I love it!

  60. avatar Lauren Benson says:

    Hi Kayleigh, I used “Metallic Gold” spray paint from Rustoleum. That was the exact name. Hope this helps. Hope you’ll share your nursery with us once it’s complete.

  61. avatar Kayleigh says:

    Hi there! For spray painting the IKEA bookshelf brackets…. did you use a metallic gold or the brushed gold spray paint? If you happen to remember the exact spray paint you used I would love to know because those brackets turned out great! I want to spray paint all of the hardware that is going into our nursery!

  62. avatar Connie says:

    haha! that’s pretty funny. i had my husband convinced :)

  63. avatar Lauren Benson says:

    @connie – must be an optical illusion! It’s not painted! :-)

  64. avatar Connie says:

    Hi Lauren, it looks like you painted the sides of the drawers on the dresser pink? Am I making that up? If so, how did you do that and which color paint did you use? Love all of it!

  65. avatar Lauren Benson says:

    Hi Noelle,
    Thank you so much! To clarify, the Wayfair ottoman is actually the “Light Brown” color. It’s such a beautiful shade and will transition to almost any room in the house when our rocking days are over!

  66. avatar Noelle says:

    Hi Lauren! Thank you for being so attentive to all the questions! Just found out I’m having a girl, and I love neutrals, hate the whole throw up pink look. You’ve done BEAUTIFULLY with this room and I’ll be purchasing through all of your links. Quick question, the Wayfaire ottoman in your nursery is the color “Papaya” correct? Hate to ask, just wanted to be sure!

  67. avatar Michelle says:

    Where did you buy the curtain rod from?

  68. avatar Lauren Benson says:

    @Jessica – the unicorn is from the Pillowfort line at Target. :-)

  69. avatar Jessica says:

    Beautiful nursery! Would love to know where to get that unicorn! Thanks!

  70. avatar Lauren says:

    @Cindy – I do find the glider to be comfortable for rocking/nursing. I’m 5’6 and it fits me just fine. Comfy enough for my 6’2 husband, too. The quality was excellent. Not sure how comfortable sleeping in it would be, though. Haven’t had to do that, yet! :-)

    @Amanda – Thank you so, so much. The crib skirt is from the Project Nursery Shop: I adjusted mine so it’s not as long, so it can be shorter or longer.

    @Jill – Thank you for the kind words!! Both the crib skirt and sheet are from the Project Nursery Shop. Linking them both for you here: (in Gray)

  71. avatar Jill says:

    Love this whole nursery! Where are the crib sheets/skirt from? Thanks!

  72. avatar Amanda S. says:

    This is the most perfect nursery! Love every bit of it. Can you tell me where you got the crib skirt? I love that it covers a bit underneath the mattress but isn’t long enough to touch the floor.

  73. avatar Cindy says:

    This room is beautiful! I’m having the hardest time finding a glider and I love the look of your Wayfair one but in all honesty, is it comfortable?? I’m worried about ordering from online and not actually being able to sit in one to test it. Thanks in advance!

  74. avatar Lauren Benson says:

    Lacey- It doesn’t put out a ton of light. But my room has a decent amount of natural light and a floor lamp for extra lighting at night.

    Katie- Thanks! All the links are in the sourcing section, but here is the exact rug:

  75. avatar Katie says:

    I loveeee this nursery!! I’ve been searching for a rug like this and can’t find one anywhere. Please share where you bought this rug!

  76. avatar Lacey says:

    I love your pottery barn chandelier!! I was wondering does it put enough light in the room with it being only a 1light bulb chandelier? Thanks!

  77. avatar Lauren Benson says:

    Hi Seema, They aren’t a perfect match, but it’s close enough for me! :-)

    Kate, The crib is Babyletto Hudson Crib:
    and the Glider is from Wayfair:

  78. avatar Kate says:

    Hi- who are the crib and glider by?

  79. avatar Seema says:

    Hello — did you get the dresser in white satin and the changing pad topper in white (or dove)? Do they match?

  80. avatar Lauren Benson says:

    @Casey – Yes, the wallpaper is by size of the wall. The cost is for 150″ w x 108″ h, but if you need something larger or longer, shoot a quick email to and they can help you out on custom pricing.

  81. avatar Lauren Benson says:

    @Kristine – Thanks! The sizing is: 40″ wide x 24″ tall

  82. avatar Sam says:

    Casey, I looked into the mural (beautiful) and it is priced by the size not the roll. They do custom sizes but it starts at $400+. We decided against it because our room was long and more narrow, it would have been $799 in wall mural.

  83. avatar Casey Hurst says:

    Hi there! Do you happen to remember how many rolls of wallpaper you needed for the room? (I’m wondering/praying this is a bigger roll than “normal”.)

  84. avatar Kristine says:

    What are the dimensions of your Harper sign!?!? I’m going to make one myself! It’s the perfect size

  85. avatar Lauren says:

    @Jessi – All of the knobs are from Hobby Lobby! Scored them 50% off.

  86. avatar Lauren says:

    @Kellie – The pillows are both from Thank you so so much!!

  87. avatar Jessi says:

    Where did you get the gold knobs on the IKEA dresser?

  88. avatar Kellie says:

    Where did you get the pillows that are in the crib? Super cute nursery!

  89. avatar Lauren Benson says:

    @Christen I chose the “Bull Natural” which is a slight cream. The stark white version scared me a little bit. The one I chose is cream, but not yellow-y. I highly recommend!

  90. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Courtney,

    You can find the chandelier here.

  91. avatar Courtney says:

    Where is the chandelier from?

  92. avatar Christen Hoselton says:

    Love the glider that you chose from Wayfair! When I looked at it on their website, it was hard to tell what all the fabrics look like. Can you tell me what fabric and color you purchased for your room? Thanks!

  93. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Allison, It’s the Ikea HEMNES 8 drawer.

  94. avatar Allison Tasso says:

    Where did you find this dresser??? It is perfect! I’m having such a hard time finding a great white dresser for my baby girl’s room.

  95. avatar Lisa says:

    Could you tell me where you found the otteman? It is perfect!

  96. avatar Katie says:

    Love the ottoman! Where is it from?

  97. avatar Summer Mohn says:

    Hi! Where are the floating shelves from for the books? The color is perfect. Thanks!

  98. avatar Giovanna says:

    Hi, where did you get the gold basket for the blankets?

  99. avatar Lauren Benson says:

    @Katie – This wallpaper is from The Project Nursery Shop. It does come in rolls to create a mural – but shoot a note to Shop {at} projectnursery dot com and they can help you with potential custom sizing.

    @Caroline – The wall color is Barren Plain from Benjamin Moore

  100. avatar Lauren Benson says:

    @Christen Hoselton – Congratulations!! The paint color is Benjamin Moore Barren Plain – it works perfectly with this wallpaper. It’s a super light gray with subtle purple undertones. The bookshelves are from Target’s Threshold brand. They come in a box. Hope this helps!

  101. avatar Caroline says:

    Beautiful! Love how the wood shelves look with the books. Are the walls painted grey? Do you recall the color?

  102. avatar Anna says:

    I would love to know the paint color! What a pretty design.

  103. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Katie, You can find the wallpaper here. Good luck with your design!

  104. avatar Beth says:

    Hi! The link to the drapes is here.

  105. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Ali, I believe the shelves are these, but Lauren spray painted the supports gold.

  106. avatar Ali H says:

    Where are the gold and white shelves from? I’ve been trying to find shelving for weeks now and I love yours! Help!?

  107. avatar Jenna says:

    Love it! Can you tell me where you got the gold knobs on the IKEA dresser?

  108. avatar Jenniefer Kho says:

    Love the nursery! What kind of drapes are those? Are they the washed silk from RH?

  109. avatar Jessica Tayllr says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Where did you get the chandelier?

  110. avatar Samantha says:

    Hi Beth, Do you recall the paint color? (we have a house full of girls, would love a neutral grey wall with this mural vs pink.)

  111. avatar Beth says:

    The book ledges are from Target.

  112. avatar Krista Corripio says:

    Gorgeous! So many things I love about your design. Just curious where you purchased the wood for the book ledge? I love the stain color.

  113. avatar Kairey says:

    What is the name of the gray paint color? Thanks!

  114. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Lindsay, Here is the link.

  115. avatar Lindsay L says:

    How do you find the company that made the “Harper”sign? I tried googling “Six Eleven Co” but a bike shop pops up only. Thank you!

  116. avatar Jenna says:

    Where did you get the carpet? I have been looking everywhere for a fluffy white rug!

  117. avatar Andrea says:

    What paint color did you use for the walls? I absolutely love this nursery.

  118. avatar Katie says:

    Where did you get the wallpaper? I found it on etsy but it is more of a mural rather than wallpaper. I have an awkward wall so I need true wallpaper. Thanks!

  119. avatar Christen Hoselton says:

    Absolutely love your design style! I find out the gender of my first baby in a few weeks and am secretly hoping for a girl! Could you tell me the gray paint color you used and also where you found the book shelves? Thank you!

  120. avatar Stacy says:

    Beautiful!!! Where did you get the changing table dresser topper? Thanks!!