Happy “Bee” Day: Reese’s 1st Birthday

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This party was so much fun to plan! I decided to do a bumble bee theme.

Design Inspiration

When I saw pictures of bumble bee themed parties I just loved the way it looked.  Yellow, being my favorite color, was a huge draw and I couldn't wait to make this party bright and striped!  I loved the idea of making my little girl a bee for the day. 

Decorating Style

I have a pretty eclectic style when it comes to decorating.  I love pulling many different looks and making them work together.  It's great when I can create different pieces that work with everything.  It gives our home a much more personal touch.

Project Details

I explain in greater detail how I made all of the decor at crossmyheartartdesigns.blogspot.com.

Favorite Items

I had a few favorite items at the party.  One of them being the jumbo cupcake I made for Reese.  I loved using the Jumbo Wilton cupcake pan and making the hard candy liner for the wrapper.  I also loved the way her year timeline and "Happy Bee Day Reese banner turned out.  They added the perfect personal touch and were a great conversation piece.


There are many places you can buy things online, but if you have the time it's fun to make the decor.  I started a month early so I would not feel rushed and so that I could really enjoy myself.  I thought about how much fun it will be when my little girl gets older and she can help me make all of the decorations.

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    I surely love the big cupcake :)  But what made this party extra special for me is that bunting you have there with the pictures, that is simply fabulous and sentimental!

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