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Halloween Double Birthday Bash


Halloween themed costume birthday party.

Design Inspiration

I wanted to create a playful Halloween party that my young children would understand and appreciate. I mixed giant velvety tarantulas, realistic crows and skulls with bright and vibrant colors. Keeping my color scheme to orange, purple, lime and black helped tie it all together. Everything revolved around the typography I designed for the was a little Frankenstein meets Carnival.

Decorating Style

I first come up with the idea for the invitation... and then everything revolves around that.

Project Details

Trey's birthday is September 22nd and Lily's is October 22nd. Since the dates are only a few weeks apart I decided to plan one double birthday bash. I began thinking about what I would do a right after Trey was born. Deciding on a Halloween theme, I hit up all the after Halloween sales to prepare for the following year. I ended up saving a ton of money on some great decor items.

Favorite Items

I think the black manzanita trees are my favorite. I added some dollar store crows to add another layer of spookiness. And the kids enjoyed picking caramel apples off the trees!


Plan ahead, make lists, keep it simple, get lots of help....


Wednesday 29th of December 2010

Thanks for your tips.  I see some stores now sell Christmas decorations at half price.  I've never really thought about buying decors out of season.  In your case, it really looks like you did great and saved a lot of money by planning your party really well in advance!  Even when you did your party on a budget, it still looks fabulous!


Monday 27th of December 2010

Looks like somebody had fun throwing a party :) Great party details here, spooky and fun!