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Griffin’s 1st Birthday


Children's birthday parties tend to be fairly low key over here in New Zealand so when I came across this site I was amazed at the beautiful events that people were creating. I decided that our first child's first birthday was definately an occasion worth going all out for!

Design Inspiration

Our little man's name is fairly unusual so I decided to use it as my inspiration for the whole affair.  I found a picture of a really cute baby Griffin and then used this, along with the predominate colours of blue and yellow,

Decorating Style

Even though our little guy is growing up fast, at one year he is still very much our baby. So I wanted to keep the colours and styling soft and dreamlike in keeping with the central picture I used throughout the project.

Project Details

Everything was homemade from scratch and the majority of my ideas came from other members on Project Nursery. 

Favorite Items

I loved the pull pinata.  Even the under-ones were able to pull a ribbon each and their faces when the trap door opened and gifts and confetti came pouring out was worth all the time I spent on it!  It was simply a decorated nappy box so couldn't be more simple!


It is never too early to start working on the party.  I began months out and it meant I could do bits and pieces as inspiration struck me and when time allowed.  It really took the pressure off to be able to focus simply on the food during the final days.


Saturday 21st of May 2011

A pinata out of a nappy box... That certainly is a new and very resourceful idea. I love the soft pastel colors you used too.


Wednesday 18th of May 2011

I did chocolate bars for the adults and then the tubes were for the children.  They had a little bag of lollies, a blue and yellow ball and a little personalised bottle of bubble bath and a bath crayon.  I agree that first birthdays are so special - a chance to celebrate all the milestones!


Tuesday 17th of May 2011

First birthdays are always special, even if other people say the young ones can't even remember them. The treats you prepared all look so yummy! What favors did you give your guests? Are these chocolates?