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Greyson’s #1: A Football Birthday Party


Let's be honest, a first birthday party is really for the adults, but I wanted to make sure it still had a kid-friendly vibe. Greyson loves sports already, so a football party seemed like the perfect theme.

Design Inspiration

I've been loving the turquoise/orange combo, so I incorporated that into a modern, but whimsical, football party. My husband was shaking his head since they're Miami colors and we're Pittsburgh and Chicago fans. Oh well.

Favorite Items

There were so many elements that I loved... the dessert bar with the goal post, bleachers that held football cakepops, and paper cones were all so cheerful. The felt football field came out so darned cute, too.


Take advantage of nap time!


Friday 15th of June 2012

Abs loooove ur son's themed party! my son will turn 1 in december and i am already starting all the any chance can you give me any tips on how to make that awesome football field dessert bar? for example where you purchased any of the items? thanks in advance =)


Thursday 19th of January 2012

You are very right, the 1st birthday party are mainly for adults. You have a really lovely yard. Wish I had a similar space.