Greysen’s Storybook Nursery

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Since my husband and I meant while working at a bookstore then it only made sense that our son's nursery should be book themed.

Design Inspiration

Our first purchase that started this project were the three pieces of artwork hanging above the crib.  They are by Christen Jackson who has a whole series of contemporary nursery rhyme canvas prints.

Decorating Style

Classic Contemporary

Project Details

The bedding set is from Pottery Barn Kids  The furniture is from  I bought the books used for the shelves from used book stores, got the idea from Pinterest  Also found that the bigger the book the harder it was to keep it level, so would suggest books that are not very wide.  The mobile idea came from Pintrest as well, but I wanted it to be more colorful so I decided to add the colored feathers for wings.  Also the keys were purchased from Pottery Barn,||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules-_-.  Prints were also purchased from  The pillows I made using some prints from Christian Jackson as a guide.  The rug is from Land of Nod, I like having something colorful that reminded me of the rugs that my parents had around the house when I was little,

Favorite Items

I love the way the mobile turned out.  Harry Potter is one of my favorite books and I feel like this turned out better than I could have hoped.


Have fun with it, pick out books and characters that you remember from your childhood.  Also go with the flow, some things won't work as well as you had been planning so it's okay to change things up to make them work for you.


  1. 1

    The mobile is fabulous! I also love the baskets on the wall that’s going
    to be super convenient. Very Creative! What a fantastic job!

  2. 2

    Great masculine room. I can definitely see him growing in here. And because it’s not too babyish at all, you wouldn’t be needing to redecorate a lot as he grows.

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