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Baby A’s Gray and Pink Nursery


This room was one I could not wait to design!  Once we knew we were having a girl, I knew I wanted to create something that was on the girly side, but not overly pink.  I love the combination of the colors of gray, white, and different shades of pink, and hope that our baby girl loves it too!

Design Inspiration

I attended a wedding in January that was silver and pink.  I loved the look - it was both elegant and girly, but not overly done.  We knew we wanted to have white furniture from the beginning, so the more we thought about it, the more we went in the direction to use those colors.  We didn't want something too themed - the butterfly accents are probably the most thematic that appear throughout the room, but they're not too overwhelming. 

Decorating Style

My husband and I both  like modern, clean lines for furniture - I love the antique look, but since he isn't a fan, we went this route instead.  I loved combining things I found both in stores and DIY projects.  There are a lot of hand-created items in her room, which I feel make it more of a personalized room, rather than a completely store-bought creation.

Project Details

This room is made up of a lot of DIY Projects.  Not every one turned out - some were major fails, but some turned out fabulous.  As long as I tried, that is what mattered to me. 


The dressers and armoire came from Ikea.  The crib came from Target, as did a few of her room accessories.  The table was a thrift store find, I painted it to match her room.  We found her glider on Craigslist for $30, and originally it had tan cushions with brown wood.  A few coats of paint and some perfect dark gray fabric later, and I fell in love with it! 


Pinterest was a HUGE asset in helping with the DIY projects all over her room with tutorials that were available - I made her crib sheet, changing table cover, cribskirt, butterfly mobile, glider cushion covers, the pillow on the glider with the petals, and my husband made her bookshelves.   The hamper on the back door is actually just a pillowcase with an embroidery hoop! 


I also changed out the handles on the dressers and armoires with beads - they are attached with string, and then tied inside with cable ties, and so far, they're staying put and holding up extremely well!  In addition, I put a pink fabric on the inside of the glass fronts of the dressers too so that you couldn't see directly into them.


She needed an armoire to house her clothes, since the closet in her room is now what we are using as our office space.  Her room used to be our office, and we had to improvise.  On the inside of the armoire, I spray-adhesived pink paisley fabric before we put it together so that it wasn't just white.  We added a tension rod so that she has two rows for her clothes, and there are two baskets on the bottom to hold other smaller items.


The signs on her wall are all ones I found on Pinterest, I just used my computer to type them up with the exact wording I wanted, and printed them out using the paper and fonts I wanted.


Her hairbow frame is another Pinterest project, along with the lamp!  I added fabric to the back of the hairbow frame, and fabric also to the inside of the lamp to give a different glow that didn't show the bulb inside. 


Here is the link to my Pinterest Board with all of these items (and more!) included if you would like to try some of them:

Favorite Items

My favorite item in the room is probably the large wall decal on the back main wall.  It adds such a design element to the room and I feel completes it.  We found that on Etsy, and purchased two of the same decal to enable it to fit across the back of the 13 foot wall.


I also love the pillow on the glider, and the lamp, and the framed pictures ... it's hard to pick just one thing! :)


Don't settle, and don't wait until the last minute to put a nursery together! For example, the curtains we used in her room were the fifth pair purchased ... yes, fifth.  Though that may be have been excessive, we have the ones we love, where the color is perfect.  If you can't find something in a store that is exactly what you are looking for, try to make it, or find someone on Etsy that can make it for you. Make sure you love it all, because you don't want to have regrets down the line.


I used Pinterest daily, looking for tutorials on how to make things - what I love the most is that her room is one that truly was created for her - I haven't ever seen one like it, and because of that I love it more.  Find a picture that has elements that you love, and incorporate details that will make it your own.


Tuesday 30th of August 2016

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Thursday 25th of October 2012

what is the wall color?


Monday 9th of July 2012

I actually found the curtains at Walmart, on a whim! They're the ones that have the "light blocking" in the back too so her room stays dark when they're closed. And Janeen - look on Etsy for bedding, I bet you could find some there!


Sunday 8th of July 2012

Can you please tell me where did you find these curtains?


Friday 6th of July 2012

This is the exact colors I am doing!!! LOVE it! The bedding has been the biggest issue for me...i want hot pink bedding, but you can't find it without animals or other colors in it. Where did you end up getting your curtains from?