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Grant’s Nursery


Welcome to Grant's nursery. The nursery is loosely animal themed, with several nods to Grant's dad's interest in Africa. We think it's bit modern and eclectic, a perfect reflection of our diverse interest and tastes. We were going for a touch of whimsy and hoping for a look that could grow right along with our guy.

Design Inspiration

Our desire was to create a modern nursery that's warm, comforting and loaded with animal friends and polka dots. We were on a pretty tight budget, so we needed to use some things we already had: a bookcase, pillows, rocking chair, a favorite painting and empty frames to name a few. Our true inspiration was our darling son, who we simply couldn't wait to meet!

Decorating Style

A mix of vintage and modern, and certainly eclectic. We live in a rental so some of our options are a bit limited. We also have very little closet space so we needed to find clever ways to store things.

Project Details

Use what you have and be creative. We did lots of DIY in this space. Many thousand thanks to my husband for his work painting the many slats of the changing table. Mwwwah!

Favorite Items

We love the little touches in this room:

  • the bird mobile above the changing table came from Uganda where my husband has studied music extensively;
  • the changing table was purchased used and repainted to coordinate;
  • the mobile above the crib is based on a fifth grade craft project and made from some of my favorite recycled greeting cards;
  • the alphabet wall art has the letters from Grant's name highlighted in coordinating colors; and
  • the map is big and adds lots of impact for only 8 bucks.


Have fun and enjoy your time preparing the nursery. I thought it was a special thing to do but it certainly paled in comparison to meeting Grant.

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  1. avatar Starlight Juliet says:

    I love that mobile! Great job!

  2. avatar rsaldana says:

    Love the room! I’ve been looking for a similar fabric that you used for the orange accent pillow. Can you please share where you found it? Thanks.

  3. avatar rsaldana says:

    Love the room! I’ve been looking for a similar fabric that you used for the orange accent pillow. Can you please share where you found it? Thanks.

  4. avatar nifty says:

    I love how warm your nursery looks. It’s beautiful! Can you share the wall colour?

  5. avatar sunshine3080 says:

    Thanks for your kind words! The mobile was fun but quite a feat. Maybe I should recreate them of sell them on Etsy but I’m afraid I haven’t got the time with my little guy here. It sure was easy, though. Check out these recycled ornament instructions. I just did one little ornmanet for each clip on this mobile. As for the prints, that was another quick and economical project. In Microsoft Word I created a text box for the color, then layered another text box on top for the animal. The animals were created from this free animal font. Easy peasy!

  6. avatar Ysczabel says:

    I agree with you on the maps, that literally made the room stand out!  I love the mobile, any chance that they’d be available online??? Overall, I love how adult this room feels, but it retains a fun and whimsical atmosphere.  And oh, where’d you get those negative space pictures you have on the wall next to the book cases?  I’ve been looking for something similar to that!

  7. avatar jennifer51 says:

    I love the mobiles great job!