Graham’s Bright and Modern Nursery

  • Bright and Modern Orange, Turquoise, Gray Nursery Crib View
  • Bright and Modern Orange, Turquoise, Gray Nursery Chevron Bedding
  • Bright and Modern Orange, Turquoise, Gray Nursery with Orange Rug
  • Bright and Modern Orange, Turquoise, Gray Nursery Bookshelf
  • Bright and Modern Orange, Turquoise, Gray Nursery Room View
  • Bright and Modern Orange, Turquoise, Gray Nursery Glider and Chevron Curtains
  • Bright and Modern Orange, Turquoise, Gray Nursery with Green Changing Pad
  • Bright and Modern Orange, Turquoise, Gray Nursery Framed Art
  • Bright and Modern Orange, Turquoise, Gray Nursery Wall Art
  • Bright and Modern Orange, Turquoise, Gray Nursery Chevron Curtains
  • Bright and Modern Orange, Turquoise, Gray Nursery Glider
  • Bright and Modern Orange, Turquoise, Gray Nursery Bookshelf
  • Bright and Modern Orange, Turquoise, Gray Nursery Drapes


As soon as I found out I was having a boy, I knew that I wanted a modern nursery with bold, fun colors.  I'm pleased that we were able to create exactly what I wanted for Graham's room on a relatively low budget. Lots of love and DIY projects went into this room!

Design Inspiration

I found lots of inspiration on Pinterest and Project Nursery. After I chose the fabrics, the rest of the design fell into place.

Decorating Style

I think my style can be described as contemporary, but I also enjoy bringing vintage elements into my home, especially in my daughter's super girly room.

Project Details

Favorite Items

The rug is probably my favorite item in the room because I think it added a fun pop of color. I also love the curtains, and since I made them myself, they are extra special to me.


Browse for your dream rooms online, then try to replicate those looks on a smaller budget. I love finding deals on ebay and Craig's list!


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    Does your friend, who made the seuss inspired Art, sell similar prints? Been searching for months for Dr. Seuss themed prints that are bright and modern

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    This looks great!! I love the use of Gray!! Who every said gray was drab and depressing?! I think it is bright and claming at the same time. Great work!!

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    I just adore this room, esp the dr. Seuss artwork…. Does your friend sell more prints like this? Please tell me she opening an etsy shop.

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    I must say, this is by far my most favorite nursery!!!! The colors are gorgeous and the attention to detail is amazing. I am in love! Graham is a lucky little baby!

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    I love your nursery (almost as much as my own)! If baby #2 is a boy, I am going to steal it for inspiration. :-)

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    I LOVE this!!! These bright, fun colors are actually the colors of my living room. All afternoon I have been trying out different gray paint samples. Would you mind sharing your paint color??? Thanks a TON!!

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    hi angela, i started the process of opening an etsy shop in january & am toying with the idea of following through once i’m done with a few other priorities i have in front of me. thanks!

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    I am in love with this nursery. I absolutely love every single thing about this room!!!! Someday when my husband and I start trying to have a baby this will be in my mind. It’s perfect!!!

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    I also love the colors, what is the name and brand of the blue on the ceiling? I also love the picture of you and the baby.

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    I love your nursery! We are trying to hav bedding made that is similar can you tell me what color the orange fabric is? i looked on premier prints but cant find it.

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    I love this nursery! Excellent job with the colors, fabrics, rugs, etc. I have a question for you… Did you pay to have the Ikea Expedit bookcase shipped. I have been eyeing that piece for awhile, but don’t know if I can break down and pay that much to have it shipped.

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    Thank you all for the sweet comments! The gray is called sparrow by Behr. The blue is true turquoise by Glidden. I had a family member pick up the Ikea items in the store for me. I’m not sure who makes the orange fabric. I picked it up at a local fabric store to use as an accent with the other prints. Hope that helps!

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    Im also interested in the Dr. Seuss wall art if she starts selling them..she did an awesome job! I really like the way you did the verse in the frame where did you get that?

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    Would you mind sharing any information you have (tag/label info) for the rug? I love it, and have been searching for something similar with no luck. Thanks so much!

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    I love everything about this room! I’m not obsessed with replicating this for my nephew. Can’t find the rug :(

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    What kind of fitted crib sheets did you use? Can’t really see it as the bumper is in the way ;) I’m not using a bumper so I was wondering if you used a print or solid fabrics?

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    Love Love Love this nursery! Wish I could find the rug, it is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Ebay seller has no more. :( These colors go together perfectly. It is so vibrant and cheery, but yet simple. One of my top 2 for inspiration! Thank you for that! :)

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    Love the design and colors. So clean and crisp. Yay. Hoping I don’t sound bossy, but of your son is a curious baby like mine, you will be moving the crib. Due to pulling curtains and blinds. Ha. I am sure you will figure it out. But, if u are a new mom like I am, it is trial by error. Ha. Ha. Congrats on the new boy;)

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    LOVE this room! We are having a baby girl in 4 weeks and we painted her room grey and white. If our next one is a boy, this is my inspiration for changing up her room! I love the colors and you did such a nice and tasteful job! Not to mention I love that things are re-used and/or bought from ebay/cragislist!

    Quick question – where is the night stand from by the recliner? I am looking for a slim night stand to fit between her crib and the glider, but I am having a hard time finding one that is at a decent price!

    Thank you!!

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    Gorgeous! I have a silly question – Was your Ikea ceiling light fixture ready to hardwire or did you need to purchase a kit. If so, does Ikea offer the kit or did you purchase it elsewhere?

    Thanks :)

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    I LOVE this! I am using similar colors. How did you do the blue/white wall border? Did you paint horizontal stripes or is it woodwork? Also do you know how thick the blue stripe from the ceiling is and how thick the white is? Thanks!

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    Do you know if your friend would do another “Oh the places you’ll go?” I love it!! Beautiful room – way to go!! – Bridget

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    I really love this rug and I read that you bought it on Ebay. Any chance you remember who you bought it from? I will do the investigation to figure out the maker or brand. Love your nursery! Great ideas!

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    Dear Angela, my daughter is in love with Baby nursery….she wants it exactly like the one in the photo…..I want to ask you if we could use the Baby Grahama’s photo for a Baby Shower Invitation….she wants it so much……she would like everyone to send a cash gift so she can have the bedding made. Do you think its wrong to be blessed with cash instead of a gift? This is her first baby..she broke her foot at work and has little income for now..She is a fan of your’s….. Gina Marie Dellamagiore. 1-843-9976105. Im her mother Debra Perry. 304-925-5598. Please respond to let me know if we could use you Nursery phoyo as an invitaton and put her baby’s name on it ”CADE FRANCIS EVANS”. Im doing this for Gina because she is so in love with the entire theme. Excited to hear back from you! Thanks, Sincerely….Debra Perry. [email protected] 304-925-5598. <3 please dont put this on facebook,,,Private message me.

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    I just got done sewing the curtains, cribskirt and bedding…all the same prints you have from Painted the walls and now all I need to find is that darn rug! Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Hello! My best friend just found out that she’s having a little boy in October (Landon Cade) and she is in looove with this room! She requested to have the EXACT one for her little boy…I’m not very artsy and I’m going into my last semester of nursing school, so I definitely don’t have time to make all of these things and her baby shower is August 4…do/could you by any chance make things like this and sell them? If so, I’d love to get with you on buying basically the room! Haha! Please email me! Can’t wait to hear from you! Thanks and God Bless! <3 Skylar B.

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    What fabric did you use for the orange details on the crib skirt? My husband and I are in LOVE with this room!

  62. 62

    I am absolutely in love with this room!! I’m hoping to do the same color scheme for my baby boy’s nursery and your room is my inspiration! I was wondering what the color of the ceiling is — I can’t tell in the pictures if it’s painted white or blue. Thanks!!

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    I contacted the seller on ebay about the rug and this is what he said:
    I am more than happy to help. Unfortunately, this rug has been sold out for quite some time due to the flow of customers that came to purchase it. There are a lot of orders pending a restock as it is. We are no longer taking orders for this rug until we have the restock. We’re looking at 10-12 weeks and that’s not a guarantee as the manufacturer has pushed back the ETA twice on us. I’m so sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause for you.

    Just thought others might want to know. :)

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    Hi all–just wanted to Pass on what i found out… I spoke with someone at the website who said the rug can be ordered but is back ordered. The manufacturer keeps pushing back the date they will be available… The woman I spoke to said they have been told 8-12 weeks but no guarantee it will happen then. I was so excited tO find the rug i just wanted to share this in case anyone is looking for it in a specific timeframe!!!

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    I found the fabric online to order. It does not recommend drying on any of the fabrics. Do you dry and of your pieces? How did the fabric hold up? I really like the nursery and the colors! You did a wonderful job.

  74. 74

    Good Afternoon Parents And Parents To Be,

    I hope this post will find you all in good spirit and health today. On behalf of Power Seller USA, I would like to thank you all for the interest in this absolutely adorable rug. The demand for this rug is high and we’re doing our best to get more rugs in stock to meet this demand. while we’re hoping to have the rugs in stock much sooner than later, we’re looking at roughly 10-12 weeks before this rug is in house again.

    This rug is one of many in a wonderful collection of children’s rugs that host the same color palette. Please by all means take a look at what else we have to offer within this collection. Most rugs in this collection are in stock and ready for immediate shipping! You’ll find the link to them within this post.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences incurred by the back order of this rug but we do hope to have them in stock soon!

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    So I grabbed the paint swatches at the store yesterday and the grey looks rather dark on the swatch. Is it that dark on the wall? Hard to tell in pic. I worry it will make the room look small! How big is your nursery? Ours is only 11 x 12′ 8″

  80. 80

    For those of you who ordered the orange rug through PowerSellerUSA…..I would not rely on their promise of delivering the rug in 10-12 weeks. I ordered mine 10 weeks ago and was told that same thing and when I contacted them today, they told me the manufacturer is still saying 8-10 weeks, that’s a total of 20 weeks…..ridiculous! I thought for sure I’d have it before my son was born ordering it so early.

  81. 81

    I tried to order the rug from both places people listed here and both are not taking nay orders just fyi!

  82. 82

    Do you have problems with the bumpers staying up since you don’t have ties in the center on the long sides?

  83. 83

    Hi! So i am so in love with this baby room and it seems that many other mommys are to!! I have to have that rug and i am freaking out because everwhere that has it is sold out or on back order… Has anyone been able to find it somewhere else? Or is there anyway that you can order it and just have it shipped to you whenever it comes in? thanks so much!!!

  84. 84

    Hi Angela!
    I am doing a similar nursery with different bedding but same colors! Did you have the curtains made or did you order them from some where? I need the same zig zag pattern in the same color! LOL

  85. 85
  86. 86

    You guys can find the fabric cheap at Just type “Premier prints” in the search bar and look around for the designs you see in this nursery. The blue zig zag sells out quickly whenever they get more stock in, so check back frequently and snag it as soon as they get more in :)

  87. 87

    You can also purchase the blue zig zag fabric from Carousal Designs ( I purchased it by the yard and am planning to have a seamstress make me some curtains from it.

    I also purchased bedding from the same site using the blue zig zag (chevron) design with orange and lime and it turned out really great.

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  89. 89

    I have a question about the crown molding in the room… is it used a few inches below the top of the wall or is it a really long crown molding that you painted part blue and left the rest white? Just curious because I’ve never seen crown molding look like that. I think it looks great!

  90. 90
  91. 91


    The crown molding is about 9 inches beloerthe top of the wall. The top of the wall and ceiling are painted turquoise. Our house was built in the 1950’s and the molding is like that throughout. I love it!

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    Can you please tell me what the orange fabric is? It appears to match the rug perfectly! Thank you!

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    I LOVE YOUR NURSERY! I am about to have a lil boy Braden in a few weeks and it looks like I am doing the same color scheme as you. IN fact my bed skirt is the same os yours except we went with the lime green zig zags instead. I am even doing the orange.I am excited to get my crib set back from the BABY GUY who has done it for me. I have been searching and searching for all the ad on’s now that I chose the color scheme. The lamp that u said was from Target, is that recent as I have actually looked there?

    Also, i love the saying/ bible verse in the orange frame. Where did you find that?

    Thank you so much for your response as I am totally new to Pinterst and stumbled upon you, so glad that I did

    Congrats on your lil one btw, love the name Graham :)


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    Hi there..Love the nursery…And my neice is loving it soo much we are replicating it for her 2nd baby. I am wondering is the Green Premier Print used on the bumper a cotton light weight or is it the mid-weight Home Dec. cotton? We live in Oregon and I can’t find it in anything but Home Dec. weight…I’m getting frustrated…She really wants me to make those bumpers and I do have the blue but can’t seem to find the green….HELP!!! I don’t want a Drama Momma here…lolol
    Thank you,

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    Hello!! Beautiful room!! Where did you get the custom boppy cover? I too am getting my bedding made by Holly. I can’t wait to see it.

  105. 105

    I have been looking like crazy for this rug, and found nothing. There are similar but nothing like this =( If you find it PLEASE let me know and I will do the same!

  106. 106
  107. 107

    Becca, I’m sorry, I don’t remember how much I used, but I know it was a lot. My ceilings are 9 ft, and I made the drapes to go a little higher than the window, and all the way to the floor. I think I googled how much it would take to make them according to my room measurements.

  108. 108
  109. 109

    Hi Kim, I’m sorry I’m just now responding. I haven’t checked the comments in a while. It’s a mid-weight fabric, but not the super-heavy outdoor stuff. I got it at my local fabric shop, but they have it on several web sites as well.

  110. 110
  111. 111

    Hi Angela, sorry I’m just now responding. I haven’t checked the comments in a while. I got the lamps from Target back in February, so I’m not sure if they still have them. I found the bible verse on Pinterest, but it didn’t have a link back so I just saved the image and had it printed at Walgreens.

  112. 112

    I’m sorry for just now responding, I haven’t checked the comments in a while. I got the orange at my local fabric shop and don’t know the name of it. Sorry!

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  117. 117

    Guess what everyone? I ordered the rug from the PowerSeller site that was posted on here back in June, and I FINALLY got notice yesterday that it is being shipped!!!! It was on backorder FOREVER but not anymore! Yeah!!!

  118. 118

    Hi my name is Dana. I am expecting and stumbled across your room decor. I am inlove with it. Please do tell where you got the bedding, carpet, dr.suess picture, drapes etc….I hate to copy ur wonderful idea. I just absolutely love it. Thanks!!!!

  119. 119

    Do you know the brand of the orange and white rug you used? I’d love to get one like it, but I don’t think the dealer you mentioned above has this rug anymore. Any direction you can give would be helpful! I love your nursery and appreciate the inspiration it’s given me!

  120. 120

    I was able to order the rug last week. I called directly to company and ordered over the phone. Arrived today! Their number is (866) 832-3200

  121. 121

    I called the company directly at (866) 832-3200 . I was able to place order over the phone ( it is not listed on website) and received it today, less than 1 week turnaround.
    PSU-103-3337-027-68 Living Contemporary Rugs: 3337-027 Orange: 5′ 3″ x 7′ 4″
    Rectangle $74.99 is order info just in case

  122. 122
  123. 123

    Where you did buy the blue chevron fabric? Im wanting to order some but want to make sure its the aqua blue and not the powder blue. Thanks in advance!!

  124. 124

    Thanks so much, Valerie! How did you identify the rug when you ordered it by phone (not sure what to call it exactly) and do you mind saying how much it was? If you do, no worries. I can ask the price if/when I call. Thank you so much for the help! I haven’t been able to find anything I like as much!

  125. 125

    Laura, I just called and asked for the “orange swirl rug” (LOL) and they knew which one I was talking about. My invoice says “Creative Home Area Rugs: Living Contemporary Rugs: 3337-027 Orange” if that helps! Good luck! oh, and it was 79.99 & free shipping!

  126. 126

    Great! Thank you so much! Have you received it yet? Did it look as pictured, and is the surface soft or coarse? I really, really appreciate your help! :)

  127. 127

    Also, is the swirl in the rug a cream or white color? It looks cream in the picture, but I’m not sure. Thanks!

  128. 128

    the swirl is actually a more cream in color than white, the orange is somewhat paler than in pic, like a sherbert color…but still blends nicely with my bedding and carpet…I will be happy to send you pics of it if you want me too!

  129. 129
  130. 130

    I’m sure you have probably already answered this question, but did you make the bed skirt? If so was there a tutorial or pattern that you followed?

  131. 131
  132. 132

    PowerSellerUSA’s site says (as of December 2012): Availability: OUT OF STOCK – NO ESTIMATE AVAILABLE

    to overwhelming demand for this item we are no longer taking new orders
    for this rug. We apologize but at this time we do not have an estimate
    on when it will be available. We are doing everything possible to
    restore stock of this item and appreciate your patience. As soon as
    there is an update we will refresh this message. Thank you.

    This seems like a close alternative:

  133. 133

    I’m wondering if the ceiling is painted the same blue as at the top of the walls? In the pics it’s hard to tell if it is or not. Thank you

  134. 134

    I was hoping you knew what color the fabric of the drapes is? I found a few different shades of ‘blue’ on the website for the fabric and I really want the same as yours. Please let me know, Thank you in advance!
    Heather :o)

  135. 135

    has anyone been able to find the rug recently? if so can your please provide the website and name of the rug….i tried looking on powerseller site per but couldnt find it. Thanks!!

  136. 136
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  141. 141

    i didn’t make it, but I’ve seen tons of tutorials online, so I’m sure it would be pretty easy. It has a box pleat.

  142. 142
  143. 143

    I’m sorry, Valerie, I don’t remember what size it is. It was gifted by my friend who designed it. Visit her etsy shop, and I’m sure she could help you.

  144. 144

    I did! There are some copycats on etsy, but I actually designed it and made it myself. Super easy!

  145. 145
  146. 146

    I tried to call and order it just now, and they said it has been discontinued, and don’t have any in stock! :( Any suggestions?

  147. 147
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  150. 150
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  152. 152

    How did you know how much of each fabric to order for seamstress I M in love with this and would pay Anyone to make my baby’s room look like yours it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  153. 153

    Do u think the seamstress who made ur bedding would be wIlling 2 make some 4 others based on ur design? Do u mind spilling how much it cost u 2 have it made?

  154. 154

    I think she stays pretty busy with local orders, but there are tons of people on etsy who do custom orders, so I’d start there if I were you.

  155. 155

    My seamstress told me how much I would need. There are tons of people on etsy who do custom orders, so I’d start there.

  156. 156

    Which green is the green in your fabric? There is two different greens and I can’t tell! Thanks I love love love this nursery!

  157. 157
  158. 158
  159. 159

    That baby is going to grow up gender-confused. The color palette is VERY effeminate. Poor kid.

  160. 160

    Since when is green, blue and orange feminine? I’m pretty sure my son isn’t going to wonder if he’s a girl or a boy due to the colors in his room.

  161. 161
  162. 162

    Hi – not sure if you’re still checking comments, but I was wondering where you got the little bin to hold the diapers and wipes on the dresser? Thanks – great job with this nursery!

  163. 163

    I love this color pallet but I have a boy and a girl in one room and I’m wondering if you think the gray and blue would look ok with a light purple instead of orange? Not trying to do the exact same thing you have here but I do love the concept. Thank you

  164. 164
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  166. 166

    Hi, for those of you who are trying to recreate the look of this great nursery. I just received a beautiful rug from, which is a great substitution to the rug in the picture, since as most people reading this blog know, is no longer available.

    This new rug, I was told by the customer service rep, is from the exact same collection. The price of the 5’x7′ is excellent and shipping is Free. The orange color in the rug matches the look of the room exactly. I love it!!!

  167. 167

    DId you purchase the lamp in that color or did you spray paint it? If so what is the name of the color that you spray painted it?

  168. 168

    Please help me find this rug! We are doing the same bedding. I went on rugdealz but couldn’t find it. Let me know please if you know how to find it again:-) love Graham’s nursery!
    [email protected]

  169. 169

    Hi, Beautiful job on putting this nursery together! I was wondering, we looked at premier prints and is the outer fabric of the bumper color greenage or chartreuse? And on the lulu print with stripe is that girly blue with chartreuse or greenage?

  170. 170

    CAN you tell me what the length of the bedskirt is. Also, how many inches is the orange trim at the bottom? My daughter loves this room and I m trying to copy your design. Thanks.

  171. 171

    Hello, I LOVE this room so I am trying to model my nursery after it. I was wondering where you found your fabrics for the crib bedding and the changing pad cover. Thanks!

  172. 172
  173. 173

    It’s just a standard crib skirt, I’m not sure about the measurements. I think the band at the bottom is about 3 inches.

  174. 174

    It’s the girly blue. I’m not sure about the green, sorry! It’s been so long since I bought them, I don’t remember.

  175. 175
  176. 176

    I’m sorry I’m just now responding. I don’t check the comments often. I got the little bin at Target!

  177. 177
  178. 178
  179. 179

    Hi!! I hope you’re still checking this…my son and daughter-in-law are expecting a boy in December. We’re trying to fix their room similar to this. My question is…do you have crown molding in it, or is that just the effect of the paint? It looks wonderful!!

  180. 180
  181. 181
  182. 182
  183. 183

    Curtains?! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!! Please tell me where the fabric came from or where you found them! Thank you! They’re perfect for our dining room/family room area. We also have gray walls.

  184. 184

    Hi, I love your color scheme and mix if patterns! Does the rug have a brand by any chance? I can’t find one I like as much! Thanks!!

  185. 185

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this room. Have been trying to find a rug like this for months with no avail. If you’re ready to sell the rug, let me know :) I’m adopting and love this room for gender neutral…..

  186. 186
  187. 187
  188. 188
  189. 189

    Hello! I love the rug but I am having problems finding it…..any suggestions? Also where did you get the curtains? Love this room!

  190. 190
  191. 192
  192. 193
  193. 194
  194. 197

    Omg love this, want to use these colors for a girls room. Dont want the norm pink and purple.

  195. 201

    Hi Angela,
    I found this rug on Etsy and was so thrilled until it actually arrived. It described it as being “very plush and high pile fabric” but was actually EXTREMELY thin and I can see the white backing behind it when it’s walked on. Was the rug you ordered actually plush or thin?”

  196. 203

    Aw man! I’m in love with the rug and hate to hear that it’s been discontinued! Hopefully I can find something similar! Designing my nursery off yours :) Thank you for the inspiration!

  197. 204

    This is a beautiful nursery! I’m using the same color paint for my son’s room who will arrive in June. I am having a hard time finding the right blue chevron fabric that will match the True Turquoise paint. Do you remember what color the curtains are? I’m sure you’ve already said it multiple times in the comments, but i can’t seem to find it. Thank you!

  198. 205
  199. 206

    I ADORE THIS ROOM.. i found the Premier Prints fabric collection. Could you please share the names of the fabrics you used? There are multiple blue and white chevron prints, etc.. Here is what I am guessing..

    Premier Prints Gotcha Chartreuse/White??
    Premier Prints Zig Zag Twill Girly Blue??
    Premier Prints Lulu Stripe Twill Girly Blue/Chartreuse??
    And the orange?
    Thanks much. Mom of 3 with one more coming and on a budget but can SEW! – Tara

  200. 207

    Angela, thank you so much for sharing your nursery with us. Believe it or not, I had actually picked out the same fabrics (close enough) before I came across your page. Then, in the weeks that I was waiting for the fabrics to arrive and was finding nurseries on Pinterest, I came across yours, and I was shocked at how close our taste was! Your page came in very handy with picking out our paint colors. And I know you’d done this a few years ago, but it’s still helpful today, and I wanted to thank you.

    Below is our finished product. I love your rug – ours doesn’t even come close!

  201. 208
  202. 209
  203. 210

    I am just wrapping up my soon to be son Kolton’s nursery with these same fabrics. Bought it all on It cost me a little over $100 for the fabrics vs. the $500-800 to buy a premade set. If you can sew a straight line, you can do it too!

  204. 211
  205. 213

    Hi My daughter is having a son in June and loves the Bright baby green by Caden Lane but it is so expensive the bumber pad. Do you want to sell yours? Also where did you find the fabric? Because Caden Lane’s is $26.00 a yard and she can’t afford that. Thanks so much for your help. Donna

  206. 214
  207. 215

    I love your nursery!! I am using it as inspiration for my new baby boy’s nursery :). Could you please tell me where you got your curtains?

  208. 216

    I will pay you whatever if you will please sell me bedding, rug, and curtains!!! I can’t find anything even close and I ADORE your nursery!! Baby boy otw!! Please let me know if you’re willing!!

  209. 217

    Maggie Tennant, I do have an extra crib skirt that I can sell you – and even a crib sheet, as I have several. Let me know if you’re interested ([email protected]). I can send you pictures. The sheets I’d be selling have never been used. The crib skirt was for a couple of months, but, it wasn’t really ‘used’ since it was just under the mattress.

  210. 218

    I would love pictures! Definitely willing to buy whatever you have! Do u have changing table by chance?

  211. 219

    I will check what I did for changing table covers – I just have one that I use predominantly and I think I bought a couple of solids for backup. I can send you pics of those as well, if I still have them.

    Can you email me your contact information at [email protected], so I can send you the pictures? I may also have some information/leads for you on curtains and the rug.

  212. 221

    can you tell me brand or name of rug? i know you say discontinued but maaaaaybe i can find it? link is no longer active. thanks!

  213. 222

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