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Graham’s Bright and Colorful Space


The bright and colorful nursery we created for our son, Graham.

Design Inspiration

It all started with a fabric hoop collage and a grey and yellow pillow! I knew I wanted to inject a lot of different colors into the space, so we chose a calming grey for the walls. Fabric hoops, a mobile, and rainbow-hued bunting became the colorful accents in the room.

Decorating Style

I really enjoy pieces with clean lines--nothing too fussy! I'm really drawn to (mid-century) modern designs and contemporary pieces. But on a budget.

Project Details


  • Wall color/ Benjamin Moore EcoSpec Egg Shell in Gray Horse 2140-50
  • Trim/ Benjamin Moore EcoSpec Semi-gloss in Pure White

Furniture and fixtures

  • Crib/ Amy Coe Westport Lifetime Crib
  • Dresser/changing table/ Ikea Malm 6-drawer dresser
  • Rocking chair/ hand-me down reupholstered in spoonflower fabric
  • Window seat/bookcase/ Ikea Expedit shelving unit
  • Window seat baskets/ Ikea Pjas basket
  • Lamp/ Ikea Hemma lamp base and yellow skirma shade
  • Ceiling fixture/ Ikea Knappa pendant lamp
  • Rug/ Ikea Havbro wool rug
  • Moose/ Ikea Ekorre rocking moose
  • Clock/ Baby Ben folding alarm clock
  • Round Bevel Mirror/ Target
  • Wooden Tray with glass lining/ Target
  • Hamper/ wedding present from Crate and Barrel (fitted with a cotton liner I made)
  • Roller shades/ Levolor room darkening roller shades
  • Fan/ purchased many years ago
  • Bird serving tray (on the green shelf)/ Ikea barbar tray
  • Ipod docking station/ memorex minimove



Favorite Items

For things we purchased, I love the crib and the moose rocker. As for DIY projects, the mobile and the cornices are my favorites.


I really made this space unique for our boy by designing special fabrics (used in the crib skirt, the frog, the chair, the pillows, and the fabric collage) on spoonflower. I'd encourage anyone to create something special for his or her child's room. It's so great to be able to make something specifically for your child...and to see him (or her) enjoy it!

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  1. avatar kathy says:

    HI. Super cute ottoman. Could you please repost the link? It seems to be directing to a different site.
    Thanks so much.

  2. […] Have some embroidery hoops in your craft stash? Turn them into wall art in just a few simple steps! You could even make an embroidery hoop collage with different eco-friendly fabrics likeย this embroidery hoop collage from Project Nursery. […]

  3. avatar Ashley says:

    Just wondering what you used to stuff your ottoman? I’m planning on making one for my nursery!

  4. avatar Kristen fetsch says:

    Looks great what is the width of the crown molding?

  5. avatar Emily says:

    Hi there,
    Love the nursery. You are my inspiration!
    Any chance you could put the fabric for the cornices back up on Spoonflower?

  6. avatar Aneta says:

    I love light and sunny nurseries , this room looks absolutely delightful, and I love the wall decor, so sweet.

  7. avatar sarahs123 says:

    i love this nursery. i wanted to know how much fabric u bought for the cornices and whats the dimension? also about how much did the cornices cost u from start to finish

  8. avatar abbethune says:

    Thanks so much BriskRain and zendalasao!

  9. avatar zendalasao says:

    Awesome job! I would live in this room!

  10. avatar abbethune says:

    Thanks Happyalli! We made the cornices ourselves and upholstered them in fabric I bought on spoonflower. You can read a bit more on my blog post, especially in the comments. Good luck with your nursery!

  11. avatar says:

    where did you get the yellow panels above the window? I love them and would love to them in my nursery in another color

  12. avatar BriskRain says:

    Really pretty and colorful room. I am sure your little one will love it, knowing how kids love colorful things. And clearly, a lot of stuff in here are handmade, and you deserve an applause for doing such a great job. I really admire crafty parents.

  13. avatar BriskRain says:

    I totally agree with Martinique there on the mobile.  You did a great job here :) I love it!

  14. avatar abbethune says:

    Thanks so much–and you should do your own collage! It’s fun, simple, and cheap!

  15. avatar PrincessRaina says:

    I am absoultely in love with your fabric hoop collage idea! I wanna do one of my own. =)  And I love how all the colors blended. It’s a very colorful room, but it didn’t end looking too colorful, too messy, or too psychedelic.

  16. avatar PrincessRaina says:

    I am absoultely in love with your fabric hoop collage idea! I wanna do one of my own. =)  And I love how all the colors blended. It’s a very colorful room, but it didn’t end looking too colorful, too messy, or too psychedelic.

  17. avatar crownjules says:

    I just posted my nursery, “Hudson’s Room”, and I made custom drapery panels out of the same fabric as your ottoman:)  Obviously you have great taste:)  I thought I was being so unique, but great minds think alike!

    Great room!

  18. avatar abbethune says:

    Thanks, Martinique! I’ll keep that in mind. ;)

  19. avatar Martinique says:

    If you ever decide to sell mobiles like that, do drop me a line.  That mobile is fabulous!

  20. avatar abbethune says:

    Thanks, rachei. We purchased the crib through babies-r-us online (no one around us stocked it). Good luck!

  21. avatar rachei says:

    Where did you purchase your crib I can not seem to find one for sale? Your room is awesome:)

  22. avatar abbethune says:

    Thanks so much!

    @miapills I bought the print from dolphinandcondor on spoonflower and the print is called dots and lines. I don’t see it in her shop any more, but you might contact her through the spoonflower site to see if she’ll post it for sale again. I love it!

    @tinat I bought about 2.5 yards to make the large sized ottoman

  23. avatar tinat says:

    Beautiful room! I was looking for a pouf pattern so I’m so glad I stumbled upon your nursery!  How many yards of fabric did you need to make it?

  24. avatar miapills says:

    This room is inspiring me for my daughters soon to be nursery. It is just so lovely and simple at the same time. I was curious about the cornice fabric. I could not find that print on, any idea of how i could find it? Thanks for sharing thi great room!

  25. avatar abbethune says:

    Thanks, MegEliz! I made the mobile using different colors of felt (which I stuffed with a little polyfill). The pieces are suspended using clear thread from a large embroidery hoop.

  26. avatar MegEliz says:

    LOVE the mobile!! Where is it from?