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Grace’s Modern Owl Nursery


Modern, Funky, Sassy, Fun, Pink and Gray

Design Inspiration

I started with the flower print fabric I found at hobby lobby.  My neighbor and I sewed all of the bedding and made the window treatments.  

I know owls are very popular and I just had to incorporate them into the design when I saw some of the decals on ETSY.  So cute! 

Decorating Style

Funky, modern, bright, alive, ectectic

Project Details

Gray is a tricky color.  My husband and I had to paint the room twice.  The first time it turned out almost periwinkle...which was NOT what I wanted.  

I found all of my wall decals on Etsy as well as the changing table cover and owl alphabet picture above Grace's dresser.  The lamps and picture frames are from Hobby Lobby , the Crib and pink shag rug are from Walmart,  and all of the fabric used to make bedding, quilt, pillows, and window treatments are from Hobby Lobby.  The pink owl night light was an amazing find at Tuesday Morning.  

I found this site helpful too.  I got a lot of ideas about what I liked and what I did not like  just looking at photos.  

Favorite Items

My husband refinished the dresser for the nursery.  It was originally a piece of his grandparents first bedroom set.  Pretty cool!  

He also refinished the rocker we found on Craigslist and white side table.  

Another favorite item is the beaded lamp.  I know I'll have to move it when Gracie becomes mobile.  It just adds a lot of charm to the room and it's perfect for bedtime stories.  


I started on her nursery early and it has taken me right up untill the end to finish it.  It was nice to work slow.  The room was sort of able to create itself.  I would sit in the rocker at night and look around thinking, "I want a picture here" or "We really need a lamp in that corner".  For the most part, you can find ANYTHING you want online.  

I spent a lot of time on this project.  This was my first attempt at designing a room and I wanted to get it right.  I wanted something very special for miss Grace.  My husband and I are both so proud and happy with the room.  That's really the only thing that matters.  Now we just need our little lady to get here.  


Monday 30th of September 2013

The Owl tree wall decal is purchased from ETSY -


Wednesday 18th of April 2012

hey! love the room. I saw that you got the tree decal from but is there a name for it ? I have looked but can not find that same tree.


Saturday 4th of February 2012

Adorable owl room. We did our baby's room in owls. Can you tell me what etsy seller you purchased the tree decal that has the name hanging from it? Thank you!


Sunday 29th of January 2012

Fun and funky is right! You can get custom fabric letter blocks for Grace's darling room on Etsy.


Friday 27th of January 2012

This room is amazing! Never would have thought of dark wall color for nursery but all the bright colors go great with it! My daughter is 2 1/2 and looking for inspiration for her new room. Well, I found it!!!