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Giuliana’s Candy Land 1st Birthday Party


This party was for my daughters first birthday party.  I chose to do a candy land  themed party because it had so many options to making this game come to life!!

Design Inspiration

The inspiration was the game itself with all the candy and characters to work with.

Decorating Style

I like to make everything myself!!! If I couldn't make something I would have to find the items for less somewhere on the web :)

Project Details

The invitations I made to resemble the game box and added the details on the game cards with some candy included.

The Characters were all painted by me and the surrounding decorations I created to resemble some candy to bring them more to life.

All the desserts were also made by me. I made the sugar cookies in the shape of the game.

The candy bar I just took vases that were around my house and filled them up with candy that was colored.  For example skittles, m&ms, lollipops, etc.

The placemats were made at office max.  They just blew up the game card image and laminated them.

The food cards were made by my aunt to resemble the game cards again.

The drink cups for the kids I just used honey bears and added a straw.  They worked perfect.

The napkins I wrapped in candy bracelets with the forks in them.

The favors to all the kids were homemade faux gumball machines made out of a glass bowl and a flower pot. Spray painted and put the child's name on them.  They got to fill them up with candy at the candy buffet.

Favorite Items

My favorite would be the characters I painted!! I just found out that I could paint them and now I started more of a company with other characters :)


My advice would be to make everything yourself to save money so you can have more decoration. It does take a lot of time so start a couple months in advance if not more :)